You REALLY Don't Hate Them Enough...

As Ed wrote earlier today, we got the sad news that Senator James Inhofe passed away. 

I have always liked the Senator, although, unlike Ed, I have never met or spoken to him in person. He was an old-school Senator, and by that, I just mean he spoke the truth as he saw it. 

Come to think of it, that isn’t old-school, just unusual. Politicians are usually gutless cowards who lie for their own benefit. 

I first saw the news on Twitter and was struck (as many others were) by how the mainstream media broke it. The headlines were a great reminder that no matter how much you hate the media you aren’t nearly at the level of hate you should be. 

First, let’s look at how the media reported the death of one of the worst human beings to have walked the Earth.

The man was the leader of ISIS, one of the most disgusting terrorist groups ever. It enslaved people, murdered with abandon, used women like toilet paper, and committed heinous acts of violence. 

Yet al-Baghdadi was an “austere religious scholar.”  Why? Presumably, they chose this tack because Donald Trump had him killed by U.S. Special Forces troops, and Orange Man Bad. 

How about some folks closer to home, say Senators… How did the media treat them?

See what I mean? Teddy Kennedy was a disgusting human being; killed a young campaign worker in a drunken car crash, famously made “waitress sandwiches” with Senator Chris Dodd, and was known in general for his mistreatment of women. 

Robert Byrd was, literally, a Grand Wizard in the KKK, but died a “pillar of the Senate.” Both of these men were, of course, Democrats. So it’s really OK that they were despicable. 

Inhofe, though, was a Republican, and even worse a “denier” of climate change, so he must go down in history as an apostate in the eyes of the Left. 

So there you have it. Inhofe is an apostate, not accepting the Gaian religion of Climate Change Crisis while al-Baghdadi was only a terrorist, hence making him an “austere religious scholar.” 

Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd both were characterized by making horrendous moral choices and treating women and minorities like trash, but they were respectable because they were Democrats. 

As I said, no matter how much you hate the mainstream media, it is not nearly enough. They hate you more than you can imagine. 

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