Bride wants to uninvite grandma from wedding for this petty reason

A bridezilla has declared she’s in “crisis mode” after her fiancé’s grandmother said she won’t adhere to the wedding dress code. 

The bride-to-be wants “each group to match” so asked grandparents on both sides to wear light yellow.

But the request, which was sent via text and accompanied with outfit suggestions, was promptly rejected.

“I don’t like yellow, sorry,” the grandma messaged back.

“Crisis mode”

“I messaged my fiancé’s grandmother this and I could not believe what she said,” the bride fumed in a wedding-planning Facebook group.

text messages about dress code
The bride-to-be wants both sets of grandparents to wear light yellow, which was promptly rejected by the fiancé’s grandmother. Reddit / @sashikku

She then attached screenshots of the text message exchange detailing the specific pastel dress code. 

“What do I do???” she asked the group. “Either not have her in pictures or not invite her??? I need help.

“Control freak”

Commenters swiftly slammed the bride’s ‘demanding’ request, with one telling her, “People are not props. Stop asking guests to match your aesthetic.”

bride holding red, yellow, orange bouquet with bridesmaids in yellow
“People are not props. Stop asking guests to match your aesthetic,” one commenter said. Getty Images/iStockphoto

“Trying to make all your guests matchy-matchy is so weird and cringe to me,” someone else claimed.

“Utterly ridiculous, the only colors brides get to choose are her bridesmaids, she needs to leave her guests alone, especially a 70-80 year old guest. What a control freak,” chimed in a third. 

“Yellow is horrid, especially in large quantities. The bride sounds like a nightmare uninviting her fiancé’s poor grandma like WTF, and over pale yellow of all colors,” wrote a fourth.

“It is a very polarizing color and definitely doesn’t suit everyone. Weird choice,” another expressed.

Others empathized with the groom, with one saying: “I wonder if he knows she’s considering uninviting his grandmother from the wedding. Absolutely insane.”

“Bride’s telling us who she is, color schemes and photos matter, family does not, hope everyone gets the message,” someone else concluded.

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