Play your favorite games on planes and beaches with this portable monitor

TL;DR: Make your gaming setup portable with this monitor featuring 2K clarity and a 144Hz refresh rate, now $110 off.

What’s your video game of choice: Stardew Valley, Red Dead Redemption 2, or maybe the Supermarket Simulator that’s trending all over TikTok? We probably shouldn’t (or should we?), but we’re going to enable your gaming addiction with a portable gaming screen that you can bring anywhere. Yes, anywhere!

The UXbox E2 makes gaming sessions possible on planes, beaches, and anywhere in between. All you need is power and your gaming console of choice to play on a large screen that’s built for gaming! Save 33% on yours here and get it for $110 off.

Bring your games everywhere you go

Most portable monitors (like those you see on TikTok Shop) are only 1080p, but this one is 2K—that means it has two times as many pixels for your games. Your Animal Crossing village, or the post-apocalyptic United States in The Last of Us, will look so much more realistic on the UXbox E2.

If you want to talk about gaming graphics, the monitor also has a 144Hz refresh rate and 9ms response time, basically meaning action games are butter-smooth to prevent lag! Does your Nintendo Switch’s built-in screen have all of that?

The UXbox E2 is also incredibly compact for bringing it on trips. It’s thinner than a notebook and lighter than a hardcover book!

To get your mobile game station set up, find a power source—an AC outlet or a portable charger with enough output should do. Then, use the included USB-C or HDMI cables to connect your Switch, Steam Deck, PS4 or PS5, phone, or computer to use the monitor and game away.

Continue your gaming addiction with 33% off the UXbox E2 portable gaming monitor and save $110!

immerse in Seamless Gameplay with This Monitor's 2K Resolution, 144Hz Refresh Rate, 9ms Response Time & Versatile Connectivity

UXbox E2 16″ 2K 144Hz Portable Gaming Monitor 100%sRGB

immerse in Seamless Gameplay with This Monitor’s 2K Resolution, 144Hz Refresh Rate, 9ms Response Time & Versatile Connectivity


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