Is Ben Affleck To Blame For Jennifer Lopez And Leah Remini's Fallout? We Unpack The Rumors

Leah Remini might have been the one to make Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Instagram official when they rekindled their romance, but that doesn’t mean she’s an automatic Bennifer stan. Sources close to the pair divulged to Radar Online that Remini was against their marriage from the start — a stance that didn’t sit well with the “Second Act” star.

“Leah isn’t a fan of Ben’s. They don’t get along and when you go up against someone’s partner, you always lose,” the insider said, noting that Remini still remembers how Affleck left Lopez heartbroken during their first go-round. “Leah knows everything, all the ugly details about what went down between her best friend and Ben,” they added. Lopez might have been ready to forgive and forget, but Remini hasn’t and is worried history will repeat itself. She sees Affleck as a total red flag, with a source telling Page Six that Remini thinks “he is selfish and not fully committed as a partner.”

Adding fuel to the fire, Remini was noticeably absent from Lopez and Affleck’s wedding. While sources claimed she had to help her daughter move to college, it only raised more eyebrows. Still, despite her reported disdain for Affleck, Remini remained a good friend, refusing to answer prying questions about Lopez. “[I don’t like talking about Jennifer] not because I don’t love talking about my friend, but because I feel a lot of times it’s for gossip purposes,” she told Savannah Guthrie. 

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