Grim Details On The Killer Who Reportedly Confessed To Nicole Brown Simpson's Murder

Glen Rogers was sentenced to death on July 11, 1997, in Tampa, Florida, having been found guilty of the murder of Tina Marie Cribbs. The following year, the murderer was extradited to California, where was put on trial for the slaying of Sandra Gallagher and once again found guilty, receiving a second death sentence. Since then, he has remained on death row, and both law enforcement and true crime enthusiasts have maintained an interest in the serial killer, speculating on how many murders he may have committed before he was caught. 

In recent years, attention has turned to Rogers’ potential connection to Nicole Brown Simpson. In the 2012 documentary “My Brother the Serial Killer,” Rogers’ sister Sue said the killer had met Simpson while in Los Angeles, and the pair had grown close. Elsewhere in the movie, Clay claimed that he received a phone call from his brother in which he made a direct threat about “taking her down” for her money. According to the documentary, Rogers later admitted to the killings in his correspondence with Anthony Meoli. Clay has stated that he believes Rogers is behind the slayings.

Though the story of Rogers’ confession generated a flurry of headlines following the release of the flick, it remains a fringe theory in the Simpson murder case. The families of Simpson and Ron Goldman reacted angrily to the show, with Simpson’s sister Denise dismissing it as a publicity stunt. The LAPD was similarly dismissive, but promised to investigate Clay Rogers’ claims.

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