West Coast, Messed Coast™ — Antifa Goes Down Edition

A post-Independence Day greeting from your humble West Coast, Messed Coast™ correspondent — back from being on “assignment” from Ireland and Normandy. Thanks to my PJ Media colleague Catherine Salgado for keeping an eye on the nuttiest place in these United States of America while I was gone. And what a fine job she did. 

Let’s do a top-line assessment of what’s been going on this week. Antifa thugs finally get punished. Oakland is in still in freefall with fresh new crimes going un-responded to by the police. Gavin Newsom announces he’s “all in” with Joe Biden—and he’s starting a new business venture. Oregon Governor Tina Kotek discovers summer. And in Washington State, Seattle has a six-figure job for tree huggers. 

Feel-good story of the day

Antifa cell will see the inside of one.

For years we’ve been gaslit with the nonsense from people who know better that the people who rioted for years across the country with their BLM buddies, especially leading up to the 2016 and 2020 elections, are “just an idea,” as Joe Biden asserted during a presidential debate. They are a myth, Rep. Jerry Nadler said. They are vapor. A non-entity. Billions in damage and hundreds of hospitalized cops — especially along the West Coast, Messed Coast™— didn’t exist.

But things just got real in San Diego. 

In 2021, a group of Antifa thugs attacked a group of Trump supporters on the boardwalk in Pacific Beach. Much of the brutal beatings, harassment, and menacing were caught on video. In addition to attacking the Trump supporters at a “Patriot March,” they attacked a dog, sprayed people with pepper spray, and brutally beat women. The attack was pre-planned and carried out by a cell of Antifa activists. 

Shockingly, San Diego County prosecutors brought a case against the mob and on June 28, members of this Antifa cell were tossed into cells. Eight of eleven Antifa members who carried out the conspiracy to attack Trump supporters were sentenced to time behind bars.

Defendant Brian Lightfoot told the court, “I want to apologize to the victims and the city of San Diego. No one should be attacked for their political views.” 

…another blaring advertisement for requiring civics to be taught in schools.

Speaking of Antifa

This week, Portland, Oregon taxpayers got the bill to replace all the vehicles torched by a mob of thugs in May. The arson coincided with the timing of the takeover of buildings at Portland State University by Hamas supporters. Police don’t know if there’s a connection, but this week Portlanders got the bill to replace and repair the salvageable cars. It’ll be $455,000, please. It’ll take two years to have all the vehicles back online, according to KOIN-TV.

Don’t worry, Portland. I’m sure that crack DA and the multiple leaders of the multiple police “oversight” groups will want to get to the bottom of the arson that torched 15 police vehicles in May. 

It’s called summer

We already know that the climate catastrophists overhype the day’s weather report into a cataclysmic event, but this announcement of summer’s arrival by Oregon’s governor, the unfortunately-named Tina Kotek, seemed a bit over the top even for her. 

The calendar may say that summer starts in June, but everyone in the Pacific Northwest knows it starts July 5. It was in the upper 80s and 90s in the Western parts of the PNW, so that means the politicians noticed. People in the Eastern portions of the state, where the normal people live, call the 100-degree temps there “growing season.”

But Kotek pounced, saying:

Today, I declared a state of emergency due to extreme heat in Oregon. Extreme temperatures are the new normal, and I urge Oregonians to have a plan and check on their family and neighbors so we can grow more resilient in the years ahead. pic.twitter.com/G2ZAS5gI6u

Thanks guv, Oregonians would never have thought to check on mom and dad. 

Also true: these climate catastrophists want to ban air conditioning. 

Or cars:

Fast cars and freedom…?

Confirmed: Washington voters have lost their minds. First, they elected a man vying for the title of dumbest man alive as governor (he’s gone soon, thank God) and now they confirm they hate cars. Or do they? 

A nationwide poll shows six in ten Washingtonians have no problem banning gas cars. 

An outcome-based poll called “Clear Commutes,” finds that 57 percent of Californians are good with banning gas cars in cities and 47 percent of Oregonians are fine with imploding Portland. No wait, that’s wrong. Forty-seven percent were OK with banning gas cars there. The other 53 percent actually drive trucks, farm, haul stuff, and are normal. 


Oakland is in freefall. 

California Governor Hair Gel, part of the defund police leftist cabal, promised to plus-up state patrol officers to Oakland and did for a while. The city suffers from the highest crime rates in decades. 

Hair Gel activate!

Newsom has been inside the Beltway this week to attend the emergency governor’s meeting with Biden and to show the flag with the man who can’t remember his name or what a flag is. 

In a recent poll, Newsom was more unpopular than Kamala Harris, the seat-filler in the West Wing. 

Why is Newsom so unpopular? It could have to do with his oppressive and unaffordable environmental policies. 

Next act

If Gavin Newsom’s Joe Biden understudy career doesn’t pan out, he’s got a new, post-guv gig that he’s been conscripted into by his — and I’m not making this up — talent agent.

I can’t believe he would sink so low. 

After all, Marshawn was the Legion of Boom and beloved by Seattlelites and un-murdered Oakland residents alike. 

Six-figure equity tree huggers

The city of Seattle is paying a six-figure salary, $60 to $83 an hour for a “Tree Equity Initiative Manager” who  “must play a role in ending institutional and structural racism,” according to KTTH host Jason Rantz. 

The Tree Equity movement is part of a tapestry of contrived social justice causes pursued by Progressive activists seeking hero status. It fits under the umbrella cause of “environmental racism.” This movement attempts to more evenly distribute trees to underserved communities. The lack of tree canopies and green space in black, Asian and Latino-majority communities is due to institutional racism, according to progressives.

They haven’t ruined everything yet:

Until next time, have a great week, West Coast, Messed Coasters™.

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