The Chinese vlogger and Influencer Tizi is under the investigation of the Chinese police after the release of her video roasting and eating the endangered species of the great white shark on 14 July, she has not been arrested yet.

As per the Chinese Law, the vlogger might be imprisoned for 5-10 years in the case of illegal possession and consumption of protected species. The suspicion of consuming the great white shark while involving herself in the Black marked has put her under the radar of the police. 

celebrity Tizi with local villager carrying the meat of white shark
celebrity Tizi with local villager carrying the meat of white shark ( Source :
Laitimes )

During her stream on the Chinese Streaming Platform, Douyin, the vlogger, is observed to be unwarping the 2-meter white shark with a length longer than her. She is seen in the southwest of Nanchong, China, during her stream as she mentions how delicate the meat of the protected species is regardless of its vicious look. 

The Times and The Sunday Times, an official journalism account, twitted on the topic of influencers and China’s bans on wildlife species consumption, claiming Mukbang. The influencer killed the white shark, chopped its tails in half, and boiled its head in the spicy soup. She shared her cooked meal with the villager, who exclaimed at the delicious taste of the meat.

The online audience criticized her for her action of savoring the shark, and soon, the video became viral on the internet. The question arose regarding the breeding o the shark, as she says, due to the nature of the shark to mate only in the wild. 

As per the investigation done by the officer, She had not bought the species from the local shop, and it was only used for video. She acquired the fish from online sources in the city of Fujian.

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