Steve Page is the significant suspect in the homicide instance of Kathy Page. There has never been an answer for Kathy Page’s homicide. In any case, Kathy’s family won in a legitimate claim against Steve Page for unjust demise. He is as yet an individual of interest in the police eyes.

By June 2021, Crime Stoppers of Southeast Texas had expanded the compensation to $50,000. It is the biggest prize that Crime Stoppers has at any point given in the district.

Where Could Steve Page Today be? Kathy Page Murder The primary suspect in Kathy’s passing is Steve Page. Given the undeniable organizing of her vehicle and the way that it was found near their home, he is probably going to be considered responsible. In any case, he attests that one of the “Beaumont Mafia” is truly to fault for her passing. He claims that people in this gathering have compromised him.

At the hour of her passing, Kathy and Steve had been hitched for a long time and had two kids, Erin and Monica. They were getting ready to separate yet needed to resolve things, as per Steve, who expressed that by then, she believed she at this point not had any desire to be his significant other. Sherry, her sister, dismisses his statements, by the by.

She asserts that Kathy was starting to continue on with her personal business and that the marriage was past saving. Further, she affirms that Kathy had prompt intends to separate from Steve. Not long before she died, he moved out, yet he demanded that they stayed neighborly.

After two earlier malfeasances, Steve was decided to be monetarily liable for Kathy’s passing in a common case in 1999. He needed to give her family $200,000 in installment. Later on, he was viewed as at real fault for regularly befouling her grave. He keeps on dwelling in Texas, and no charges have been brought against him for her passing.

Tragically, their 28-year-old girl Monica died in 2011. Erin, their little girl, is as yet living today. This case was featured on Cold Justice in 2018. Various observers were addressed in it. They likewise found a new observer who professed to have seen Steve leaving the trench where Kathy’s vehicle was found the evening of her homicide.

Steve keeps up with that he was not to blame for Kathy’s passing and feels that since he is her alienated spouse, everybody is assuming that he is. Kathy Page Family – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri True Story In a common claim, Kathy’s family members blamed Steve for being to be faulted for her destruction. Dorothy, her mom, affirmed that the morning after her homicide, she had seen Steve madly washing a few pieces of clothing.

The floor covering in their home was cleaned by him the following day before her family members. He demanded that he had oil on it from a spill. Sherry said he had abused Kathy all through her declaration.

Moreover, neighbors announced hearing clearly debates and wall bangs exuding from their homes. Steve recognized that he went against autopsying Kathy.

He was left-given, as indicated by witnesses, and the examination uncovered that Kathy was in all probability choked by a left-given individual.

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