Elijah Bear Diaz is an individual from the Barona Tribe who is absent starting around 2015 from his home in El Cajon. As indicated by his family, he was 20 around then and was experiencing diabetes.

It’s been almost a long time since a teen San Diegan evaporated suddenly and is still mysteriously gone.


San Diego Elijah Bear Diaz Missing Update San Diego Elijah Bear Diaz has been absent beginning around 2015 and the hunt is as yet going on. Elijah and his mom, Leilani, were voyaging home after a memorial service on August 29, 2015, which turned out to be the day of his vanishing.

He was having a terrible wellbeing day, and his mom revealed that he was disturbed and irate. Leilani encouraged him to observe a few TV and that all that will be better the following day.

Leilani went out to drive 20 minutes to her local American hold home on the Barona. At the point when she got back, she messaged Elijah, and he told her he cherished her. This was the last message he sent Leilani.

On August 30, Leilani messaged Elijah on different occasions about their little question the prior night. He never answered, and she got restless.

Leilani showed up at his home at 3:30 p.m. also, found his vehicle in the carport. She at first accepted he had injured himself. Jacob, Elijah’s brother, had ended it all a couple of years prior.

Leilani didn’t find Elijah dead, however she found a few odd things. The big screen TV was taken, his bed had been stripped, covers and cushions were dispersed on the floor, and the safe was opened and void.

Leilani was restless since she realized he had generally $7,000 in the safe. Elijah had taken his pack, props, and telephone too.

Leilani had a go at calling Elijah over and over, however there was still no reaction.

Specialists are uncertain in the event that he disappeared energetically or because of a burglary, grabbing, or other wrongdoing. Diaz’s family is giving $9,000 notwithstanding the $1,000 presented by San Diego County Crime Stoppers for data that will help experts in finding him.

Is Elijah Bear Diaz Found Yet? A quest for Elijah Bear Diaz was begun by his mom who reached Elijah’s buddies and shared the news on Facebook. Elijah and his family were anticipating an occasion the following end of the week.

The hold was having a council, and Elijah had never missed one. He didn’t, notwithstanding, show up.

The police were eventually brought in seven days after Elijah disappeared. They went to the house to snap photos and search for proof of a battle.

Nothing was found, albeit the police observed Elijah’s room’s strange look. They likewise perceived that in view of the facts they had about Elijah’s condition, it was absolutely impossible that he might have conveyed a tremendous TV all alone.

The police accepted Elijah had escaped with somebody he knew.

The specialists had little data to work with, however they did gather Elijah’s telephone and bank information. Elijah’s telephone rang at the Barona reservation, at the gambling club, at 1:29 a.m. His telephone rang 29 minutes after the fact in Santa Ysabel, a little town close to the San Diego mountains.

The police chose to direct a hunt in the high countries. The landscape was rough, and the locale was overflowing with wild animals like coyotes and catamounts.

San Diego police helped with a helicopter search, however there was no hint of any human presence in the mountains. The examination remained stopped, however Leilani was frantic to realize what had befallen her child.

Elijah Bear Diaz’s Parents And Family Elijah was 20 years of age when he was most recently seen by his mom, Leilani on August 29th, 2015, at his home in the 700 block of Joey Avenue in El Cajon, California.

His folks are frantically searching for their child. A few Facebook search bunches have likewise been begun to help them in finding his child with his pictures.

Elijah’s dad, Steven Diaz, died of a respiratory failure in May 2016. ‘Bring Bear Home’, a site, was made with a $50,000 cash motivation for any individual who tracks down Bear.

“Bear” Diaz’s family expressed Wednesday that they think he is as of now not alive, however they need conclusion. “I learn about somebody there realizes what occurred,” Diaz’s mom, Lelanie Thompson, said. “I believe there’s an opportunity for arrangements.”

Elijah was 5’9″ and 110 pounds when he disappeared. He has dull eyes and short earthy colored hair. He typically wore a goatee or a mustache.

He wore square, dark casings displays, which he left behind when he escaped. He has a bear paw tattoo on his inward lower arm, which you can find in the picture above.

He was wearing a dim sleeveless shirt and white ball shorts when he was last spotted. Elijah is insulin-subordinate and has Type I Diabetes.

Because of neuropathy, he created tremendous bruises on his feet that expected day to day wrapping and the utilization of supports to go around.

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