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Thursday, March 23, 2023


Tobey Maguire Doubted Leonardo DiCaprio Had a Chance Getting Cast in His Breakthrough Film

Leonardo DiCaprio has been good friends with Spider-Man megastar Tobey Maguire since their childhood days. Although they’ve greatly supported one another, Maguire thought DiCaprio might not have taken his first real...

Will Smith Once Turned Down Playing Marvin Gaye Because He Doubted He Was Good Enough

Will Smith is no stranger to biopics with films like Pursuit of Happyness and Ali under his belt. At one point, Smith was also tapped to play another iconic figure in...

Prince Harry doubted ‘ginger gene’ would ‘go the distance’ in kids with Meghan

Prince Harry didn’t anticipate his “ginger gene” winning out in his and Meghan Markle’s children.“I actually really thought in the beginning of my relationship, should this go the distance and we have kids, there is no way the ginger...
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Authorities investigating reported WA shark attack

The potential shark bite was reported to the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development on March, 22 at...
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