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Monday, March 20, 2023


Wayne Shorter’s solo for Steely Dan’s Aja was recorded within 35 minutes

Wayne Shorter was new to the realm of rock music when he played solo for Steely Dan’s album Aja’s title track, but he aced it nevertheless. The American saxophonist and master of composer passed away at the...

Jacqueline Jossa reveals surprising ‘normal’ job after husband Dan’s arrest

Jacqueline Jossa has a new career - hosting £30-a-head boozy hen dos at her stage school. The EastEnders star and I’m a Celeb winner has opened her own theatre, music, and dance centre. 3Jacqueline has a brand new 'normal' job...
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Shakey-looking Putin praises 'dear friend' President Xi while gripping the arms of his chair

A shaky-looking Vladimir Putin praised his 'dear friend' President Xi Jinping while he gripped the arms of his chair during the Chinese...
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