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Monday, March 20, 2023


Turkish mother of ten-day-old boy reveals cupboard saved their lives after plunging through floor

A Turkish mother of a ten-day-old boy revealed that a cupboard saved their lives when they plunged through their apartment floor and it shielded them from falling concrete slabs during the deadly earthquake.One of the miracle stories after the...

American zoo's missing monkeys found in a cupboard

The monkeys were found on Tuesday inside a cupboard in an abandoned home about 24 kilometres away, police said.Their discovery a day after they vanished follows a hike in security at the zoo in light of other recent unusual...

Remains found in back of museum cupboard solve 'bittersweet' mystery

One of the world's enduring zoological mysteries has been solved after the remains of the last-known thylacine - also known as the Tasmanian tiger - were discovered in the back of a dusty museum cupboard.The remains were found in...
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Missouri Woman Never Made It Home From After Work Dinner

A 39-year-old Missouri woman went out to eat after work last Tuesday and hasn’t been...
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