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Monday, March 27, 2023


Los Angeles Times Columnist: AI Deserves Human Rights

Via LA Times: It will become increasingly plausible that AI systems could exhibit something like consciousness. But if we find ourselves seriously questioning whether they are capable of real emotions and suffering,...

Post columnist: JK Rowling's tweets have a 'fuzzy aura of harmful rhetoric'

Washington Post columnist Monica Hesse wrote a column this week that is another attack on JK Rowling dressed up as a serious consideration of JK Rowling. The prompt for this column has to do with the podcast/interview with Rowling...

Pro-China columnist: 'Ultra-left nationalism' could ruin China's economic progress

Wang Xiangwei is a South China Morning Post columnist who routinely writes pro-China claptrap like this: “As American exceptionalism falls, Chinese exceptionalism rises.” So it’s a bit of a surprise to see him offering criticism of China’s “ultra-left” nationalists...

Bernard Fripiat Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Radio Columnist? Family And Origine

People have been searching Bernard Fripiat Wikipedia a lot recently. Author Bernard is best known for his years of teaching Spelling through a technique he created in 1988 and received recognition in 1991. Bernard Fripiat is the author of multiple...

WaPo columnist wants to "shame Republican judges"

It’s hard to escape the feeling that people are slowly pulling bricks out of the wall that shores up the American government these days. We are already at a point where both the approval of and confidence in our...

NY Post Sports Columnist Steve Serby talks Eagles 31-7 win over the 49ers

Will the Eagles win the Super Bowl? NY Post Sports Columnist Steve Serby talks about Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles 31-7 win over the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game.

What Is The Pen Name Of The Gossip Columnist In Netflix Drama Bridgerton

What Is The Pen Name Of The Gossip Columnist In Netflix Drama Bridgerton: Who is the narrator of Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’? Get out of here, Gossip Girl. A new, uncomfortable, nameless narrator has arrived in town. Lady Whistledown is a...

NY Post Sports Columnist Steve Serby talks Giants 31-24 win over Vikings

NY Post Sports Columnist Steve Serby talks about the New York Giants 31-24 win over the Minnesota Vikings. Serby talks about Daniel Jones, the impressive win and if the Giants can defeat the Philadelphia Eagles.

NY Post Sports Columnist Steve Serby Talks Q&A with Dexter Lawrence

NY Post Sports Columnist Steve Serby joins Dexter to talk about his current Q&A article with Giants defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence.

Victor Lewis-Smith Dies At 65: Satirist & Private Eye Columnist Cause Of Death How Did He Die?

We are immensely grieving to announce the untimed departure of popular film and television producer “Victor Lewis-Smith” as his untimed departure occurred on...
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Jeremy Renner uses anti-gravity treadmill to regain use of his legs after snowplow accident

For the first time since his horrifying snowplow accident on January 1, two-time Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner was seen...
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