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A lawyer for alleged co-conspirator John Eastman said his client won't take a government plea deal if offered, and accused prosecutors of using the Trump indictment to try to 'flip' people into cooperating

EXCLUSIVE: Lawyer for Trump 'co-conspirator' John Eastman says his client will NEVER flip or accept a plea deal because he is innocent – and vows to take the January 6 case to trial

Alleged unindicted co-conspirator John Eastman’s attorney blasted prosecutors for trying to ‘flip’ people into cooperating against Donald Trump by including them in a bombshell grand jury indictment, saying his client would reject any plea offer ‘now and forever.’  The lawyer said…

Jeffrey Epstein's last girlfriend, 34-year-old Karyna Shuliak (seen here), was spotted strolling around Manhattan over the weekend - the first time she's been seen doing since the DOJ released report regarding the financier's death late last month

EXCLUSIVE – PICTURED: Jeffrey Epstein's last girlfriend Karyna Shuliak is seen for first time since DOJ ruled pedophile's 2019 jail death a suicide – the same week his client Leon Black is accused of raping a 16-year-old with Down syndrome

Jeffrey Epstein’s last girlfriend was spotted strolling around Manhattan over the weekend – the first time she’s been seen since the DOJ released a report ruled the pedophile financier’s death a suicide. The last person to speak to the sex pest…