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Wednesday, March 29, 2023


What is a Borg? Dangerous TikTok drinking trend explained

Borg is the latest drinking game that is sweeping across US campuses and TikTok feeds, but experts have warned that it is dangerous. But what is a borg? Binge drinking is a rite of passage for most teenagers,...

What Happened To Bjorn Borg And What Caused His Early Retirement?

What happened to Bjorn Borg? Fans still ask to this day almost four decades after his shock retirement. The Swedish former tennis player was world No. 1. He is the only Swede to win over ten majors. Borg became the first...
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‘The Bachelor’ Season 27: Zach’s Decision to Reveal He and Gabi Were Intimate Was Selfish

The latest season of The Bachelor was fairly bland until Zach...
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