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Saturday, January 28, 2023


OG Anti-Semite Al Sharpton Somehow Has the Gall to Criticize Donald Trump

The nerve of this guy. For some reason, Al Sharpton imagines he has moral standing from which to denounce Donald Trump as an anti-Semite. Sharpton is piling onto the latest Two Minutes Hate against the former president, spawned by Trump...

Notorious American anti-Semite arrested at Auschwitz is accused of abusing US troops

A notorious American anti-Semite who was arrested at Auschwitz has now been accused of abusing US troops and telling a black soldier to 'stay away from white women' in a video shot at a mall in Poland.The horrific video...

$1 million reward for Sydney anti-Semite bomb attacks

A $1 million reward is on offer for information leading to the conviction of people responsible for the 1982 bombings of the Israeli Consulate and the Hakoah Club in Sydney.At about 2pm on December 23, 1982, an explosive device...
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