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Saturday, January 28, 2023


ABC's New Year's Eve coverage gets off to a 'cringeworthy' start

ABC's New Year's Eve coverage gets off to a 'cringeworthy' start as viewers pan Casey Donovan's lip synched recorder performance: 'The worst thing of the year'By Marta...

Kamahl takes offence after ABC's Phillip Adams claim Don Bradman made him an 'honorary white'

Legendary singer Kamahl said he feels 'humiliated' by the ABC's Phillip Adams after the broadcaster claimed cricket icon Don Bradman treated him as 'an honorary white'. The host of ABC Late Night Live created a storm of controversy by making...

ABC's Martha Raddatz blames Republicans for border crisis

The media is ever so slowly acknowledging that the southern border is too porous, and they have been trying to find a way to hang the crisis on Republicans. Must have something to do with the polling that has consistently...
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Israeli paramedics say 2 wounded in new Jerusalem attack

A Palestinian gunman opened fire in east Jerusalem on Saturday, wounding at least two people less than a day...
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