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Amarissa Toth has denied that she behaved badly in her highly controversial match against Zhang Shuai at the Budapest Open

'You made a fuss out of it… and trouble for yourself!': Remorseless tennis star, 20, whose 'new low for sportsmanship' behaviour led to her opponent's panic attack, hits out at her rival – and WON'T be thrown out of the tournament

Hungarian player Amarissa Toth whose ‘disgusting’ acts during her Budapest Open match against Zhang Shuai shocked the tennis world has denied that her behaviour was inappropriate.  Zhang, a former world No 22, retired from the clay court match in floods…

New York Times Falsely Dubs Hunter Biden Laptop 'Stolen'

'New York Times' Staffers Walk Out for 24 Hours

The 1,100 union staffers at the New York Times have staged a walkout that began at midnight on Thursday in a long-running dispute over pay. The union’s last contract expired in March 2021 and negotiations have been fruitless since then.…