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Tuesday, February 7, 2023


West Coast, Messed Coast™ Update: 'First They Came for the Shower Heads…'

California owes not only the entire West Coast, Messed Coast™ a huge apology, but the entire country can now put that state’s map on the family dartboard and use it for target practice. ...

Britain's 'first non-binary CofE priest' says 'God guided me to the truth'

The Church of England's 'first' non-binary vicar has told it was 'difficult' when they came out to their wife and three children after having a 'moment of revelation' while reading the story of Adam and Eve.Bingo Allison, 36, who...
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Estranged Wife, Tennessee Man Charged in Murder of Missing Florida Man

A Florida woman and a Tennessee man have been arrested for the murder of the...
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