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Friday, January 27, 2023


Furious campaigners slam 'disgusting' decision to send transgender rapist to all-female prison

Furious campaigners have slammed the 'disgusting' decision to send a transgender rapist who attacked two women while living as a man to an all-female prison.Isla Bryson was a shaven-headed Adam Graham with a Mike Tyson-style face tattoo when carrying...

Why Phillip Adams was totally wrong to make 'disgusting' claims about Don Bradman and Kamahl

When newspaper columnist and ABC commentator Phillip Adams labelled Sir Donald Bradman a 'right wing nut-job', he not only proved himself to be a left wing nut-job, but a shoddy researcher to boot.As for his assertion on Thursday that...
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Love Island: What Is Lana Jenkins So Awkward Video On TikTok?

Lana Jenkins so awkward video: the makeup artist had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during the previous week’s episode. Love Island...
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