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Who Are Kathy Page And Steve Family? James Fulton, the father of Kathy Page, continues to place billboards throughout Vidor in the hopes of receiving a tip about the murderer, who is thought to be her former husband Steve Page.

Even Oscar-winning director Martin McDonagh was inspired by these billboards to create the 2017 movie Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Who Are Kathy Page And Steve Family? Learn About Kathy's Murder Case and Updates 2022

Who Are Kathy Page And Steve Family?

Kathy and Steve had two children, Erin and Monica, and had been married for thirteen years at the time of her death. According to Steve, she felt she no longer wanted to be his wife and they were planning to get a divorce but wanted to work things out.

His claims that Kathy was starting to move on with her life and that the marriage couldn’t be saved are refuted by Sherry, her sister. She claims Kathy immediately made plans to divorce Steve. Before her sudden death, though, Steve moved out but insisted they stay in touch.

Kathy Page Murder Case and Updates 2022

On May 14, 1991, 34-year-old Kathy Page was discovered dead in her car in a ditch early that morning after what appeared to be a collision not far from Vidor, Texas. But as they dug further, they discovered information that seemed to indicate that her death was not an accident.

The distance between the crash site and Kathy’s house, where her husband Steve was waiting when police arrived, was only 90 meters. When the investigator told him that she had died, he showed signs of being upset.

He was crying at first, but then the investigator saw that his conduct was strange; he would stop crying and resume acting normally. Since that morning, he had been the main suspect in Kathy’s death.

She had a black eye and a fractured nose. Her skin and undergarments were stained with blood, but her outer clothing was unaffected. Authorities think she was murdered somewhere else before being dressed, cleaned up, and put in her car.

Kathy Page’s Billboard In The City Of Vidor

James Fulton is trying everything he can to give justice to his daughter by sending her murderer behind bars. He began putting these posters in several places in Vidor during the mid-1990s. Those billboards stalled some people because they virtually accused Vidor police of obstructing the investigation into Page’s 1991 murder.

According to the billboards, Steve Page killed his wife, Kathy. Additionally, the placard accuses the Vidor Police Department of accepting payments to conceal the incident and implores the Attorney General to look into it.

The most recent one was seen in June 2021, which Crime Stoppers put in Southeast Texas. Crime Stoppers had raised the reward to $50,000. The amount of the prize is the highest that Crime Stoppers has ever offered in the area.

Where Is Steve Page Today?

Steve Page is believed to be the murderer of his wife, but he has denied all the accusations against him several times. He currently lives in Houston, Texas, and is believed to be accompanied by a young girlfriend. His latest public encounter was with Daily Mail in 2018, when he opened up about his life difficulties because of those billboards.

He claimed that those posters have made his life difficult. He stated his dissatisfaction by saying that it says raped while dying, which has made him a villain in society. He claims to have loved basketball growing up in the small Texas town where he resides. He was pursuing a profession as an insurance salesman when he wed in November 1981.

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