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Who Are Cherie Gil Parents , Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil? The late veteran Filipino actress Cherie Gil was raised by Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil. Cherie Gil’s outstanding acting abilities and contributions to Philippine cinema earned her the nickname “La Primera Contravida.”

Who Are Cherie Gil Parents , Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil? Siblings And Brother Details

Another Filipino actress, Annabella Rama, announced on Twitter that the legendary performer had passed away and asked her followers to pray for her. Gil passed away on August 5, 2022, a Friday.

The sudden departure was unanticipated, and the industry felt her absence because she was the most incredible “kontravida” the Filipino film industry had ever seen. However, few people are aware of her wealthy family history and other tragedies that have already occurred within her family.

As we discuss Cherie Gil’s parents and siblings, read on for more details about this illustrious family.

Who Are Cherie Gil Parents , Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil?

Eduardo de Mesa Eigenmann goes by the stage name Eddie Mesa. He was born on February 18, 1940, and is a retired Filipino actor and singer. He became known for singing the well-known Sammy Davis song, earning the nickname “Elvis Presley of the Philippines.”

The lead singer of Eddie Mesa and The Trippers, Eddie, adopted his mother’s last name. His father was of Swiss and German ancestry.

Rosemarie Gil, also known as Maria Rosa Francisca Catalina Gil-Eigenmann y Castallvi, is a singer and actress from the Philippines. Rosemarie, who was born on March 9, 1942, is 80 years old and is best known for playing wealthy socialite-villainess roles.

While at work, Eddie ran into Rosemarie. Michael Edward (Michael de Mesa), their first child, was born in 1960. Raphael John (Mark Gil) and Evangeline Rose (Cherie Gil), the other two children, were also born after the couple wed in 1961.

The couple got divorced in 1970 as a result of marital problems, including Mesa’s alleged drinking and womanizing. Eddie left for Guam in 1978 and lived there for six months before relocating to Hawaii, whereas Rosemarie remained in the Philippines and continued to work as an actress.

Mesa reconciled with his wife in 1986 after becoming a born-again Christian, and they are currently married. There are currently 13 grandchildren, the majority of whom continue Eddie and Rosemarie’s professional careers.

Sadly, two of their children (Cherie and Mark) have already passed away. The other son Michael works as a Filipino film and television actor.

Learn About Her Siblings/ Brother Mark Gil? His Death Details

The sudden demise of Cherie Gil freshly hurts the cinematic world. Nevertheless, not many people know that the actress had previously lost one of her two brothers, Mark Gil.

Raphael John “Ralph” Gil Eigenmann, better known by his stage name Mark Gil, was a Filipino actor who lived from September 25, 1961, to September 1, 2014. Passed away at 52, Gil was frequently chosen as the main antagonist in Filipino action movies.

Gil gained notoriety for his performance as the firmer American boss-lover-killer of Lorna Tolentino in the drama-suspense thriller The Elsa Castillo Story: The Chop-Chop Lady, whose plot was based on actual events.

Gil further made appearances in various drama series, the most recent while he was living was the Angel Locsin and Jericho Rosales-starring ABS-CBN drama, The Legal Wife.

Mark passed away 24 days before his 53rd birthday due to liver cirrhosis while battling liver cancer. His wife Maricar, six children, and seven grandchildren survived him.

Mark was the father of Katherine “Ira” Eigenmann by actress and former girlfriend Irene Celebre and singer/actor Gabby Eigenmann. When his first child Gabby was born, Gil was sixteen years old.

Likewise, his children from his first marriage to Bing Pimental are Timothy (Sid Lucero) and Maxine Eve. Furthermore, he had a daughter named Andi Eigenmann with the actress Jaclyn Jose.

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