What is Jason Hawes doing now? Wiki Bio. Wife is NOT dead!

• Jason Hawes is a reality TV star and plumber with an estimated net worth of $3 million.
• He started seeing apparitions when he was 20, leading him to co-found The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS).
• He is best known for being one of the stars of the Syfy TV show “Ghost Hunters”.
• He owns a business called Spalding Inn and hosts public ghost-hunting events to raise money for charities.
• He is active on social media to promote his work and share his day to day endeavors.


Who is Jason Hawes?

Jason Conrad Hawes was born on 27 December 1971, in Canandaigua, New York State, USA. He is a reality television personality, producer, plumber, and businessman, best known for being one of the stars of the Syfy TV show “Ghost Hunters”, which has so far aired for12 seasons.

The Net Worth of Jason Hawes

How rich is Jason Hawes? As of mid-2019, sources estimate a net worth that is over $3 million, earned through a successful career on television. He is one of the founders of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), but also does a lot of philanthropic work during his free time.

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‘Early Life and Paranormal Beginnings

Very little is known about Jason’s background before his rise to fame on television, as he has not shared a lot of details regarding family, childhood and education. While he grew up in Canandaigua, he later moved to Warwick, Rhode Island, spending a lot his early adulthood there. He mainly worked as a plumber, but at the age of 20 started seeing apparitions, apparently due to a Reiki-manipulating girlfriend, who boosted his life for energy.

When he consulted with a paranormal researcher, he was told that he was becoming sensitive to the paranormal. He decided to found the Rhode Island Paranormal Society (RIPS) in 1990, as a support group to help people with paranormal experiences. Two years later, he co-founded TAPS. His interest in the paranormal as well as in science fiction grew over the years, leading him to write books on the subject. He’s also written four screenplays during his career.

Jason Hawes

Ghost Hunters

Hawes eventually met fellow paranormal enthusiast Grant Wilson when the two worked together as plumbers for Roto-Rooter. Shortly after the creation of TAPS, many of their founding members decided to create a paranormal themed show, which would become “Ghost Hunters”; the paranormal series began in 2004, airing through Syfy. It features the duo of Hawes and Wilson as they investigate places which are reported to be haunted.

They initially investigated at night due to their day jobs, though later on their success gave them enough income to let go of their other work.

The show aired for 11 seasons, and often had the two along with a team consisting of TAPS members using electronic equipment to detect paranormal activity. Their procedure is usually to visit and survey a property with the owners, before setting up equipment in apparent paranormal hotspots. They make recordings, and a lot of the time verbally coax ghosts into responding.

They then spend the next few days analyzing data for evidence of any paranormal activity. The group admits that not every phenomenon they experience is paranormal, and could likely be explained. They have rarely encountered any paranormal activity in the show, though they claim to have decent recordings of manifestations of the paranormal throughout the years.

End of Ghost Hunters and Recent Endeavors

“Ghost Hunters” would become Syfy’s highest rated reality program, and led to the financial success of many of the TAPS members, and to a strong increase in membership for the team, but in 2011 Jason announced that they would air their last season with Syfy, which would be their 11th.

Three years later, the show was revived and would start airing through A&E, though Jason wasn’t a part of the revival.

Instead, he started pitching a new show with several other “Ghost Hunters” alumni, such as Dave Tango & Steve Gonsalves. Aside from his television work, he managed a business called Spalding Inn located in in Whitefield, New Hampshire, but sold the business in 2014. He also uses his influence and popularity to host public ghost-hunting events to raise money for charities such as Cure Kids Cancer, and Shriners Hospitals for Children.

He was also involved in a controversy, in which his name was being used in threatening emails, targeting his female employees as well as government officials. The man sending the emails was eventually found by the government, arrested and sentenced to two years in prison. His new show would later be announced as a paranormal show entitled “Ghost Nation”, set to air on the Travel Channel.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, it is known that Hawes is married and has a family though he does not share a lot of details about them, preferring to keep them out of the spotlight so that they can retain their privacy.

While it has not been spoken about publicly, it is generally assumed that his relationship with co-star Wilson soured sometime before the end of their iteration of “Ghost Hunters”. Wilson initially left the show to focus more on business endeavors, also stating his dislike of his work schedule which felt like he was living in a box. However, his return to the reboot of the show with A&E with Hawes not involved, leads many to believe that he also left for a more personal reason.

Similar to numerous reality television personalities, Hawes is highly active online through accounts on social media, particularly on Twitter, using the platform to promote his work, while also sharing some of his day to day endeavors. He also has an account on Facebook and an Instagram account.

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