What Happened To Johnny Depp – Is He Sober Now? Trial Update Now

Johnny Depp once mentioned to Amber Heard that he’s ‘never getting clean and sober.” Amid the pair’s ongoing trial, he was found mentioning that to his wife, Amber. 

Depp has been struggling with alcoholism and addiction for much of his life. During the trial, his ex-wife testified that he “plunged into the depths of paranoia and violence after binging on drugs and alcohol” during their relationship between 2013 and 2016.

What Happened To Johnny Depp - Is He Sober Now? Trial Update Now
Johnny Depp mentioned he’s never getting clean and sober.

A reporter back in 2018 also mentioned that he used ‘hashish’ in his presence. In addition to that, Depp also confirmed that he spends far more amount than the amount mentioned by his former business managers. 

Also, during his 2020 libel trial, the actor admitted to having been addicted to Roxicodone and alcohol as well as using other substances such as MDMA and cocaine during his relationship with Heard.

Johnny Depp Political Views, Party, And Religion Explained

Johnny Depp describes himself as an agnostic or an atheist

He was raised in a non-religious family with some Native American heritage, some Irish Catholic roots, and some French influence. Additionally, the actor has also aligned himself with the liberal left.

Johnny Depp describes himself as an atheist.
Johnny Depp describes himself as an atheist.

Regarding his political views, he joined the campaign Imprisoned for Art to call for the release of Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov in November 2016.

Also, during the beginning of the U.S.’s second war in Iraq, he was against the warlike many other celebrities. He commented, he was ecstatic they re-named ‘French Fries’ as ‘Freedom Fries’. 

Grown men, as well as women in positions of power in the U.S. government, show themselves, idiots.”

War supporters in the U.S. made such a fuss about Depp’s comments that he felt the need to retract his statement. Further, he apologized shortly afterward, saying the remark “did not come out as intended, and I intended no malice.”

What’s wrong with Johnny Depp finger?

During the trial, Johny Depp recalled the events of his finger injury in 2015. 

According to Depp, during one of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Heard became enraged after he started drinking in Australia. He added that his ex-wife had thrown a bottle of vodka at him, severing the tip of his finger.

Johny Depp recalls the even of his finger injury
Johny Depp recalls the even of his finger injury

He also recalled writing on the walls and mirrors in his own blood while hiding in the bathroom. As soon as Depp was taken to a hospital, he initially claimed that his finger was caught in an accordion door but later retracted that version of events.

Depp’s former house manager, Ben King, previously mentioned that he was “tasked” to look out for the fingertip when he arrived at the damaged home in the hours after the incident. 

On the other hand, Heard previously claimed the injury had occurred after Depp smashed a phone against a wall.