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VIOLA Brands Brings Grandma’s Kitchen to Market In New Edibles

Viola Grandma's Kitchen

Source: VIOLA / Viola

VIOLA brands has continued to be one of, if not the premier black-owned cannabis brand in the market. Al Harrington’s brain child has continued to push the boundaries of what a cannabis brand can be now and in the future. We’ve seen the brand partner with NBA legend Allen Iverson to deliver premium cannabis and content. Most recently VIOLA hosted 313 Day concert in Detroit and launched the Iverson ’01 strain in the city as well.

VIOLA Brands Announces Vegan Edible Line ‘Grandma’s Kitchen

Al Harrington is finally expanding the brand into edibles and is delivering delicious competition in the market. Before her passing Grandma Viola was only able to medicate through various infused foods. The edible line ‘Grandma’s Kitchen’ is vegan and gluten free while being chef inspired with plant-based ingredients. The edibles will be available in four different flavors.

Big Apple Dreamin: Green Apple-flavored gummies give you what you need when you’re ready to zone. all the way out. In a city that never sleeps, this will knock you out.

Auntie’s Punch: Just like Auntie used to make. These Fruit Punch-flavored gummies deliver the perfect vibe to make sure the Good Times keep coming. No family gathering at Grandma’s was complete without a big pitcher of auntie’s punch to wash down the meal

Uptown Espresso: Just like your morning cup of joe. These Coffee-flavored gummies are the ultimate vibe for when you’re ready to feel energized. Get Up & Go. Get straight to it. Every morning for Grandma was started with a hot cup of coffee with just a bit of sugar.

Paradise Island: Take a trip to paradise without ever leaving where you are. These Tropical Punch-flavored gummies deliver the right vibe to help you Kick Back and relax. One of Al’s fondest memories with Grandma was their trip to the islands.

Puff Cannabis will be the official launch partner for the product. Releasing in their Madison Heights, Hamtramck, and Utica locations. On December 16th the Madison Heights location will host an in-store activation with a live DJ. The products will expand to Arizona, California, and Colorado in early 2023.