Celebrating Easter is synonymous with bringing the whole family together to create new memories around a hearty table. This date takes on an even more special meaning when we also dress our house with Easter decorations to welcome the ones we love in a meeting full of affection. 

With the home completely decorated for Easter , the traditional family lunch can be filled with beauty and joy. For those who like to go beyond the set table, all other environments also receive an elegant and subtle touch, without giving up creativity.

If you want to invest in an Easter decoration, but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our tips and suggestions below for you to go beyond the set table and make this date even more special!

Live sweet moments around the table

The Easter table is one of the most anticipated of the date, whether at a reception full of friends and family or just an intimate moment with the residents of the house. Therefore, when thinking about how to compose this scenario, remember to invest in pieces that will make the moment even more enjoyable.

Prefer crockery and other items in lighter tones. Start by positioning the towel that will serve as a base for assembling the rest. If you prefer, you can replace it with sousplats or American games too. Fabric napkins should preferably match the chosen color of the other textiles.

Then add all the products you’ll be using—plates, cutlery, glasses, and special bowls for the occasion. Have them all in the right places and, finally, position the items that will be used to serve the meals. A tip is to place them in a “zigzag” for a more laid-back and, at the same time, harmonic table.

You can also use a trimmer as a support at this time. There, you can leave the drinks, the bowls or specific glasses, as well as the main dishes or even the desserts and their respective dishes. Add flowers or other decorative objects to this piece of furniture.

Decorate every room in the house

Why not decorate every room in your home? Take the opportunity to renew your bedding sets, add small sculptures to the coffee table, the side table in the bedroom and also the sofa with pillow covers.

If you don’t want to invest in many prints of rabbits for Easter decor, opt for a color palette that matches the occasion and invest. Lighter colors or candy colors are perfect! In this way, your home will be harmoniously decorated and within the proposal.

Another tip is to bet on an Easter decoration for the garden . Take the opportunity to take lunch outside. Use lots of white elements, autumn flowers and other props to create a composition that fully integrates this space.

The delicacy present in the details of the Easter decoration

In addition to the table set and the living room, for example, it is very important that you think about the items that will make up the Easter decor in the other rooms in the house.

You can, for example, invest in small Easter decorations for the children’s room or even the bathroom. In this environment, the embroidered tablecloths with a soft and delicate texture are perfect to be used for Easter Sunday lunch and leave all the guests enchanted.

Remember that these small decor details can be spread around your home as a way to play with the children who will be present. An Easter egg decoration , for example, can become a delicious egg hunt game!

Decoration for an Easter party

If you are thinking of putting together an Easter-themed party for the children, take the opportunity to fill the room with balloons, felt rabbits or other objects to completely decorate the place.

You can make a completely thematic table, with sweets and cakes in the shape of eggs and rabbits, for example. When decorating an Easter bunny party , take the opportunity to invest in fun games as well.

Among them is the best known egg hunt, but you can also include more playful options, such as drawings to paint and color the eggs and the bunny. The most important thing here is to entertain the kids!

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