Neither Sheila nor Deacon had a great reputation when they met at a bar and started to confide in each other. Sheila is known as the town supervillain, and Deacon is best known for his affair with his ex-mother-in-law (and eventual mother of his child), Brooke Logan Forrester.

Sheila told Deacon she wanted to be a part of her son’s and grandson’s lives, while Deacon said he also wanted to repair his relationship with his child, Hope Logan. Sheila used that information to talk Deacon into going along with one of her schemes. In an effort to set up her son, Finn, with Deacon’s daughter, Hope, Sheila and Deacon lied and said they were together in hopes they could be in their children’s lives.

Deacon was against the plan, however, as Finn and Hope were both married to other people, and he didn’t want to ruin that. Deacon also told Sheila he was hoping to get back together with Brooke. Sheila laughed it off and tried to pursue a romantic relationship with him anyway. In fact, she schemed and tricked Deacon into spending time with her for months until the two finally entered into a “friends with benefits” relationship.

Of course, that didn’t last — as soon as Brooke became single, Deacon tried to reconcile with her. Even though she declined, Deacon still didn’t want to be with Sheila. But for such a seemingly toxic union, the two had fantastic chemistry. The fans couldn’t get enough.

Sheila and Bill: the unlikely romance 

Sheila and Bill’s unlikely pairing has shocked many, including Bill’s most recent ex, Katie. Both she and Brooke have pleaded with him recently to see the light that Sheila is clearly using him. Bill has rejected both women’s pleas, but one can’t help but wonder if they’re right… or if, somehow, Bill is using Sheila instead. 

Two things are certain: a romantic relationship between Bill and Sheila doesn’t make sense, and no one on or off-screen (except maybe Bill) believes that Sheila has changed her ways. No one is sure what the writers have in mind for these two, but we know it won’t be boring.

While it seems Bill is invested in his relationship with Sheila, its hard to say the two are perfect for each other. While Sheila manipulated Deacon in many ways, she did bring out the darker parts of him he’s known for, making for a much more compelling relationship. It was also thrilling to watch Sheila’s villainous ways work into her romantic life, and makes more sense for her character to be in a relationship that aides her schemes more than her love life.

Would a Sheila and Deacon reunion be possible? 

Given the fact that Sheila had to trick Deacon into sleeping with her and letting her stay with him, it certainly doesn’t seem likely that Sheila would ever get back together with him, especially when Bill seems to genuinely want to be with her (somehow).

But lately, Deacon has been taking an interest in Sheila’s life that leaves fans wondering. He asked Sheila if she loves Bill or if she was merely using him — and when Sheila tells Deacon she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Bill, he was not thrilled. Perhaps things aren’t over between them after all. 

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