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Rihanna Sparks Engagement Rumors By Rocking A Diamond Toe Ring

Rihanna knew exactly what she was doing when she posted a new video to TikTok this week.

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The “Diamonds” hitmaker took to the video sharing platform on Tuesday to give fans a look at the unconventional jewelry she’s wearing on her feet, rocking an absolutely massive rock on one of her toes. Rih can be seen wearing a pair of Amina Muaddi sandal heels, which retail for $1,300. Even more expensive, though, is the diamond toe ring worth a whopping $1 million, according to reports from BuzzFeed.

Rihanna captioned the clip, “quiet luxury,” a nod to a trend which has been described as an understated wardrobe that exudes luxury without loud logos or branding.

Of course, this ring could just be a flashy accessory the makeup mogul wanted to show off, but a lot of fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that she and her boyfriend A$AP Rocky are engaged. Do engagement rings usually go on toes? Obviously not. But, nothing about either of their styles has ever been conventional, and this could be a hint that the pair is planning on getting married after welcoming baby number two.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are currently expecting their second child together, having been friends for years before going public with their romantic relationship in November 2020. Earlier this month, the couple celebrated their son RZA’s 1st birthday, which is when they confirmed the little one’s name.

The Fenty founder announced her second pregnancy during her Super Bowl halftime performance back in February, though she still hasn’t revealed a due date. If her and Rocky are engaged, it wouldn’t come as a surprise, as the couple seems happier than ever with their growing family–but we’ll just have to wait and see.