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Is Deshaun Watson Dating Mia Khalifa? Deshaun Watson is a member of the National Football League’s Cleveland Browns. Following his suspension for s*e*x*ual misconduct, the quarterback is garnering lots of media attention.

Is Deshaun Watson Dating Mia Khalifa? Love Memes Trend Following The QB's Suspension

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Previously, Watson played college football for Clemson, where he led his team to the national championship. Watson is a very skilled quarterback.

Watson joined the Houston Texans after being selected in the 2017 NFL Draft. Then, in 2018 and 2019, he guided the Texans to back-to-back division victories, which earned him a spot in the Pro Bowl. In the 2021 season, he was traded to the Cleveland Browns.

The quarterback has the best career completion percentage and the second-best passer rating of all time (minimum 1,500 attempts).

Is Deshaun Watson Dating Mia Khalifa?

Deshaun Watson and Mia Khalifa are not dating each other.

After their clip went viral on social media, speculation grew around them about them being in a relationship. However, Mia dismissed the rumors by talking to TMZ some years ago.

She explained that they were good friends, just hanging in each other’s yards. Two often visited each other homes, as they lived near to each other. The retired adult actress also stated that Watson sees her whenever he wants to have some home-cooked food.

As of 2022, Khalifa is in a relationship with Jhay Cortez. She got separated from her longtime boyfriend, Robert Sandberg, in 2019.

In the meantime, Watson is dating Jilly Anais, a famous social media star and influencer.

Their Love Memes Trend Following The QB’s Suspension

Deshaun Watson’s suspension has led to the resurfacing of a video of him and Mia Khalifa on social media. The NFL player is now once again the focus of a meme as a result.

The resurfaced video shows Mia at Watson’s house playing nerf basketball while dressed as a maid. In the video, Watson is also seen deflecting Khalifa’s attempt to dunk into the basket that is sitting on top of him.

After the adult actress wished the NFL star a happy birthday in 2017, the video went viral. Meanwhile, after Khalifa and Watson cribble-hooped while dressed as maids, social media has been inundated with amusing comments.

A Twitter user has said: ‘Somebody posted a video of Mia Khalifa in a maids outfit in DeShaun Watson’s kitchen and said he was diabolically h****.’

Another one has tweeted: ‘Literally there are clips of Watson hanging out with Mia Khalifa…no one cares. Good for him. Way to go. Its when you call up professional, licensed masseuses and force them to perform adult acts where people care. How do you not get this?’

A third guy has said: ‘It’s so funny how public opinion was still with Deshaun Watson all the way until the video with Mia Khalifa hooping at his house got released and then everyone was like “yeah he definitely did it.’

QB Deshaun Watson Game Suspension Explained

Deshaun Watson is facing six games ban for violating the NFL’s conduct policy. The QB gets sidelined after being accused of sexual assault by 25 massage therapists in Texas. The interactions that were the subject of the litigation happened between March 2020 and March 2021.

Cleveland Browns fans are worried after Deshaun Watson gets sidelined. Following his signing of a 5-year, $230 million guaranteed contract with the Browns, the former Texans quarterback has become the topic of speculation.

As announced, Watson will continue to practice and play in the exhibition games. His suspension is in the first week, and he will lose six games and less than USD 1 million from the ban.

Watson will be eligible to return to Baltimore on October 23, 2022.

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