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Eugene Levy tired of ‘tedious’ apple pie jokes

Eugene Levy grew tired of being gifted apple pies in reference to his role in ‘American Pie’.

Eugene Levy got fed up of being given apple pies

Eugene Levy got fed up of being given apple pies

The 76-year-old actor won a new legion of fans when he appeared in the 1999 teen comedy but admits he got fed up of being recognised for the role because he was given so many desserts in reference to the film’s famously rude scene which involved him walking in on Jason Biggs’ character getting intimate with a pudding.

Eugene told the Guardian newspaper: “The ‘American Pie’ thing got a bit tedious. People would bring me apple pie every time I went into a restaurant or to a wedding. Which is kind of funny, but it did happen a lot.”

However, he’s thankful for the success of his TV series ‘Schitt’s Creek’ because he’s now recognised more often for that than ‘American Pie’.

He added: “Now [I’m recognised more for] Schitt’s Creek. All over the world. People came up and talked about the show in pretty much any location we visited.”

The actor also opened up about the success of his ‘American Pie’ co-star Jennifer Coolidge who has won acclaim for her role in TV show ‘The White Lotus’, saying: “It’s so well deserved. She truly is a very funny, quirky, beautiful person. In ‘The White Lotus’, Jennifer finally got a role that reflected who she is. I love that she’s getting all these plaudits, partly because it gives her the opportunity to make thank you speeches that turn out to be the highlight of the entire awards show.”

Post source: Female First