Elianne Andam Parents: Michael And Dorcas Andam Family Tree

The guardians of Elianne Andam are lamenting the horrible loss of their girl, who was killed in a silly demonstration of viciousness.

A wounding episode on Wellesley Street in Croydon, South London, during the morning busy time unfortunately killed 15-year-old Elianne Andam. The episode happened from the get-go a Wednesday.

Around five miles away in New Addington, a fellow, seventeen years of age, who was familiar with the person in question, was arrested on doubt of homicide fairly over an hour after the event. The 12-hour limitation on his confinement period was expanded.

Aileen Adam’s Folks: Mother Dorcas Andam and Father Michael
Michael and Dorcas Andam, Elianne’s folks, are at the focal point of a horrendous calamity that has shaken their family and the area.

Elianne’s mom, Dorcas Andam, is a NHS youngsters’ medical caretaker who saved and endeavored to get her girl into the regarded Old Royal residence of John Whitgift Establishment, a confidential foundation.

Her desire was for Elianne to proceed to turn into an effective legal counselor.

The demise of Elianne, who was alluded to as the “illumination of their lives,” is challenging for the entire family and the local area to acknowledge.

In their explanation, Elianne’s family accentuated the number of companions that adored her and how keen and clever she was. With a brilliant future in front of her, her goals and desires were mercilessly run.

Elianne’s folks expressed gratitude toward everybody for their help and feelings, even amidst their terrible bitterness.

As they battled to find a sense of peace with the sad passing of their dearest little girl, they likewise mentioned disengagement.

Tree of Elianne Andam Family
Elianne was from a truly cherishing and caring family.

Marian, Elianne’s auntie, was vital to the family since she was the person who represented them after the awful occasion.

She gave experiences into Elianne’s personality and desires, describing her as a beautiful young lady who cherished tumbling and had serious areas of strength for an in hair care.

The family’s daily encouragement and union all through this troublesome period are featured by Marian’s presence and her expressions of memory and bitterness.

It is clear the way in which significant it is for the local area to join at such shocking tragedies, to help each other, and to give encouragement to the people who are grieving.

We send Elianne Andam’s family and friends and family our true feelings. We are considering you and sympathizing with your distress in the result of this horrendous misfortune.

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