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We will be looking at Famous New York City physician Dr Allan Zarkin Wiki Bio in this article and more. Stay tuned to the end!

Dr Allan Zarkin Wiki Bio: Who Is He? Case, Probation, Wife And Family Life Explored

The Doctor is known for carving his initials into a patient’s body while she was having her baby in 1999.

In the history of medical science, his action is regarded as one of the dumbest ones taken by medical professionals. Due to his advanced age, the victim decided not to send him to jail despite receiving a $1.7 million lawsuit.

Dr Allan Zarkin Wiki Bio: Who Is He?

At the Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan, Zakrin was a physician who specialized in treating problems that pregnant women encounter. Prior to the due date, he had been counseling his patient for a while. He had been a part of Liana Gedz’s pregnancy for seven months at the time of the incident.

Her first child was born by Caesarean section in 1999. The obstetrician who delivered Gedz was so pleased with the procedure that he decided to carve his patient’s stomach after the birth. On Gedz’s stomach, Zarkin scribbled his initials, AZ, several centimeters high, using his scalpel. He claimed that the procedure he underwent was a masterpiece and that the carving he carried out was a component of the celebration.

New York Case Update and Probation

Zarkin’s case was investigated by the State Health Department and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. The reports stated that Zarkin had previously received numerous complaints regarding his unpredictable behavior.

Zarkin investigated the situation further and discovered numerous instances of offensive language and conduct. But none of them met the definition of criminal activity. Zarkin was consequently forced to accept a plea bargain, which Gedz and her family were in favor of.

Assault in the second degree was Zarkin’s charge. According to Getz’s lawyer, his client opposed Zarkin’s criminal investigation and wanted him to avoid jail time. Zarkin, however, faced the possibility of up to 25 years in prison if found guilty of the charge that was brought against him with the most seriousness—first-degree assault.

At the time, Zarkin, who was 62, escaped punishment. He was prohibited from applying for a medical license for five years. In order to settle a $5.5 million civil lawsuit, Zarkin paid $1.75 million.

His Wife And Family Life Explored

Beth Israel Medical Center Obstetrician, Dr. Allan Zarkin is not seen publicly after that incident. He wasn’t involved in such a crime ever after, and people believe that incident had changed him to be a different person than before. His family members are unknown as he never discussed them publically. Zarkin worked at Beth Israel and a practice in Manhattan’s Murray Hill neighborhood, where his partners fired him as soon as they learned about the carving.

Surprisingly, Zarkin was hired by an abortion clinic in Queens to conduct abortions and other gynecological treatment, including prenatal exams, after being fired from his previous practice and leaving the hospital. As soon as the clinic was made aware of the carving event and subsequent lawsuit, he was fired.

Zarkin’s justification was that he had Pick’s disease, a degenerative brain disorder. It is a rare and irreversible form of dementia related to Alzheimer’s and tends to damage particular brain regions selectively. Zarkin’s attorney asserted that the condition results in the brain’s frontal lobe deteriorating, impairs judgment, and accounts for Zarkin’s peculiar behavior.

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