Chip Lusko death news is trending online, confirmed by his friends Joel C. Rosenberg and Matt Brown on Twitter. He was a media professional and the General Manager at Life FM Miami. 

Chip Lusko held a significant role in overseeing a team of 40 employees and managing diverse media operations.

Key Takeaways

  • Chip Lusko passed away at the age of 72. While the specific circumstances surrounding his death remain undisclosed, a tweet from Skip Heitzig indicated that Chip had been hospitalized before his passing, hinting at a possible illness.
  • Chip Lusko’s career spanned various roles in the media industry, including as a General Manager at Life FM Miami and involvement in entertainment productions such as “Riptide” and “Never Surrender.”
  • Chip Lusko was survived by his beloved wife, Larissa, and their son, Levi Lusko, a prominent figure in Christian ministry.

His IMDb page also indicates involvement in the entertainment industry, showcasing his multifaceted career.

After his tragic demise, he will be remembered fondly for the happiness he spread and the love he shared.

Chip Lusko Death News

Chip Lusko, a beloved figure known for his roles in films like “Riptide” and “Never Surrender,” passed away at the age of 72. Chip Lusko death was confirmed by his friends on Twitter.

Chip Lusko was born in 1951 and resided in Albuquerque, NM. The specific circumstances surrounding his passing aren’t publicly available online.

However, a tweet from Skip Heitzig mentioned that he was hospitalized, indicating that he may have been dealing with an illness, especially considering he was in his early 70s.

Skip Heitzig mentioned that,

A few days before Chip passed we were all around his bed in the hospital-family and friends— and he looked up and realized we were there.

He was survived by his wife, Larissa, and son, Levi Lusko, as well as his daughter-in-law, Jennie Lusko, and three granddaughters, Alivia, Daisy, and Clover.

Chip Lusko’s friend Joel C. Rosenberg also celebrated his life upon his passing, showing their deep bond.

Joel C. Rosenberg expressed his sadness regarding Chip’s demise, mentioning, 

We are very saddened by yours and the Lusko family’s loss today. And we’re eager to be reunited with Chip in heaven one day soon. Praying for all of you.

Who Was Chip Lusko? His Biography

Chip Lusko, the General Manager at Life FM Miami, doesn’t have extensive public information about his early life available.

He married Larissa Lusko, resided in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and was associated with Christian media and ministry.

Chip’s son, Levi Lusko, often talks about family matters and has shared photos celebrating his parents’ long-lasting marriage.

Chip used to oversee a broad media operation, including radio stations, video production, web development, print, and event management.

He was known for his roles in productions such as “Riptide” (2010), “Where’s Dad?” (2022), and “Never Surrender” (2011).

He was active on Instagram and had a significant following of over 2000 followers. There, he shared his unforgettable moments with his family and friends.

Chip Lusko’s Career: A Journey of Leadership in Media

Various leadership roles in the media industry marked Chip Lusko’s professional journey.

For over two decades, he served as the General Manager at Life FM Miami and Connection Communications, based in Miami and Albuquerque, respectively.

Chip’s responsibilities were expansive, overseeing various media operations, including worldwide radio events.

He was also responsible for managing FM radio stations, video production, web development, print media, and coordinating special events.

Before this, Lusko held the position of General Sales Manager at KXRM TV Fox 21 in Colorado Springs.

At KXRM TV, he excelled in sales management, training in local markets, and competing for national business.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who was Chip Lusko?

Chip Lusko was the Director of Connection Communications at Calvary Church and the father of Levi Lusko, a pastor and author. He was known for his involvement in ministry, parenting, and leaving a legacy.

2. Was Chip Lusko involved in ministry?

Yes, Chip Lusko is associated with Calvary Church and is actively involved in ministry.

2. Is there a notable sermon by Chip Lusko?

One notable sermon by Chip Lusko is “Prepare To Meet Thy God,” based on Amos 4:12.

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