Arnold Schwarzenegger has reportedly signed a deal to write a new “motivational” book.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has landed a new book deal

Arnold Schwarzenegger has landed a new book deal

The 75-year-old Hollywood action man previously opened up about his years in the spotlight in a 2012 memoir titled ‘Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story’ and now New York Post column PageSix reports he’s putting pen to paper again to produce a new tome after landing a contract with Penguin Press.

The publication reports the book won’t be an autobiography and will instead fall into the “motivational” category with bosses at Penguin reportedly looking for a co-writer to help bring the project to life.

As well as lifting the lid on his life in Hollywood and in politics as the Governor of California, Arnold has also written a series of books about bodybuilding after starting his career in the field.

His works include ‘Arnold’s Bodybuilding for Men’, ‘Arnold: Education of a Body Builder’ and ‘The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding’.

At the end of last year, ‘The Terminator’ star wrote a newsletter to fans in which he set out a series of methods to help them keep their resolutions for 2023.

In the missive, Arnold urged others to use positive thinking and ditch negativity that could be holding them back. He wrote: “Do you think I’m more likely to follow through with change it I start out saying ‘Arnold, you look like a pig, you look like garbage, it’s time to fix it’ or ‘Arnold, studies show that people in better shape lead longer lives with less health problems, so losing a few pounds means more time to be here hanging out with the people you love?’

“Negativity freezes you – it makes you depressed about where you are instead of excited about where you can go. Lose the negativity (unless you are one of the small percentage where negativity actually fuels you).”

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