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Who are Archie Battersbee Parents? Archie Battersbee, 12, has been referred to by doctors in the UK as “brain-dead.” After the court ruled that he should be taken off life support, his mother is fighting in court to keep her son on it.

Archie Battersbee Parents: Meet Father Paul Battersbee And Mum Hollie Dance

Before going unconscious with a belt around his neck, 12-year-old Archie was supposed to compete in his first mixed martial arts match. His parents are doing everything they can to preserve their son’s life. To find out the whole story, continue reading.

Archie Battersbee Parents: Meet Father Paul Battersbee And Mum Hollie Dance

Parents in the UK, Paul Battersbee and Hollie Dance, are battling to keep their 12-year-old son, Archie Battersbee, on life support after a London court denied their request on July 25. Archie was involved in a terrible accident that left him with severe cognitive impairment.

The boy’s brain damage was so severe, according to the doctors, that he may be mentally incapacitated. The family objected to the doctors’ suggestion of a mind stem demise check, which gave rise to the idea of taking the matter to a high court so that the check could be successfully carried out.

After the case was heard in London, the jury decided that Archie had passed away on May 31, the day of his MRI scan. They further stated that his life support could be halted. Nevertheless, Hollie and Paul did not forfeit the life of their son.

Archie Battersbee and mom

The parents expressed that their son was still alive and hoped for his continued recovery. Moreover, while talking in a recent interview, Hollie mentioned that Archie squeezed her hand.

Archie’s parents, Hollie and Paul, divorced when Archie was six years old. Paul has, however, been equally supportive in the interim so that his former partner and son could resume their lives.

The couple has made an appeal for help in saving the life of their 12-year-old son. To share updates on her son’s case, Hollie has also made a website. Archie, however, cannot be healed from this condition, and many people feel that he should be allowed to die peacefully.

Archie Battersbee Health Story In Details

The 12-year-old British boy, Archie Battersbee was placed in a coma three months ago after suffering a “calamitous” brain injury. This caused him to lose a court battle to prevent doctors from turning off his life support.

According to court records, Archie was discovered on April 7 with a “ligature” around his neck at home. His mother, Hollie Dance, found her son unconscious at their Southend, Essex, home on April 7.

Earlier it was unclear what brought him to this situation, but later, Hollie stated that she believes her son suffered so while attempting the “Blackout Challenge,” a trending online challenge.

The boy has been in a coma and fighting for his life ever since. He is the third and youngest child of Hollie Dance. Archie was a gymnast and boxer before his accident. Hollie has referred to him as a fighter from birth.

His mother has been playing his favorite song with his son in a futile hope that he will awaken. Dance told Insider, “We are doing everything we can,” and that the young MMA enthusiast is “fighting to survive.”

The couple has further tried to get help from every legal option that might help them to win their son’s case.

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