You won’t be able to stop making bangers with this AI music generator

TL;DR: Supermusic is an intuitive AI-powered iOS app that lets you create, share, and remix custom royalty-free tracks in minutes, making your musical thought a reality. It’s available for $49.99!

Like most people with a beating heart and little musical skill, I’ve daydreamed of being a rock star (or at least a DJ who throws cakes at the audience), creating tunes that people hum along to throughout their daily lives.

After getting a chance to try out Supermusic for a week, that dream feels a little closer because I can’t stop making catchy tracks and testing the limits of this highly addictive app.

First impressions

I approached Supermusic with a healthy dose of skepticism. As a regular user of AI tools like ChatGPT, I’ve often found autogenerated content lacking that emotional touch needed to move a human soul. However, Supermusic surprised and amused me.

Supermusic offers a delightful way to let creativity run wild for iOS users, producing three-minute songs based on any prompts.

Whether I wanted to make a hip-hop banger, a rock opera about dinosaurs, or a grand orchestral piece, Supermusic delivered a variety of styled songs.

At this point, I’ve made over fifty songs and counting, and since I have the Premium Plan, I’ll be able to generate 100 new songs every month for life. 

Intuitively easy

Getting started is quick and painless. The prompt-to-song feature is as easy as Googling.

Thirty seconds after I entered the parameters of a song I wanted to make from whatever popped into my mind, Supermusic delivered two versions of the same song for me to pick from, giving me the option to choose which version I liked the best.

Since I’ve been on a country kick in my own life, I first prompted the AI to create “A Country Western song about losing your boots in a card game and going home to your angry wife.” Based on that little bit of information, the result was surprisingly authentic and Kenny Rodgers-esque!

Sharing is caring

Its sharing features sets Supermusic apart from being a song generator. I can share my musical creations with the Supermusic community, and for anyone not on the platform, I can send a link via AirDrop, text, or even connect to my Instagram or X accounts.

The ease of sharing ensures that my AI-generated hits reach my audience without hassle. Being able to share what I’ve made easily has been the most gratifying experience, as I watch friends and family react to songs they can hardly believe were created by AI and my thoughts.

Remix it right

What if you get a song that only kind of works?

The Remix feature allowed me to take an existing generated track, tweak the lyrics, switch up the vocals, or even change the genre to improve my musical creations. I can even remix other users’ creations to make my own version of their songs. 

As a longtime Queen fan, I generated a rock opera song that was nearly perfect, but some of the lyrics weren’t quite right. Using the Remix feature, I fine-tuned it by directly removing old lyrics and replacing them with ones that made a bit more sense, creating a dinosaur-themed rock anthem that hit all the right notes.


Beyond just creating and sharing music, Supermusic offers many features that make it an engaging music creation platform. I can create custom playlists of all AI-generated songs, curating them to fit my tastes and moods.

Additionally, I can personalize my artist profile page with my own pictures, display my favorite creations, and follow other users, allowing me to explore the burgeoning community of AI-assisted musicians.

Limitations and challenges

Of course, no tool is without its quirks, especially when it comes to using AI.

Some lyric pronunciations can sound slightly off, requiring a few remixes to sound natural. And while the app can’t replicate specific artists like Sinatra or Beyoncé due to app restrictions, it still delivers catchy, almost-there songs that occasionally hit the mark perfectly.

Concerns about AI taking over creative jobs are valid, but Supermusic proves that AI’s potential shines brightest when paired with human creativity. After sharing a few songs with friends and family, I was proud to get the feedback that some of the most memorable elements of my songs came from my prompts, with AI enhancing my ideas. 

Overall, it’s fun!

I thoroughly enjoy using Supermusic and have made over 50 tracks and counting. It’s an engaging platform that’s given me hours of entertainment. The ability to generate, share, and remix tracks opens up a world of possibilities for musicians and musical wannabes.

Whether you’re looking to create a catchy tune for social media, a unique piece project, or have some fun with music, Supermusic delivers a unique and enjoyable experience you won’t be able to keep to yourself.

If you’re ready to stage-dive into the future of music creation, join me on for life for only $49.99.

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