What's The Next Pandemic? Survey Says, Bird Flu!

Thanks to the knee-bending, sleeve-raising poltroons who weakly caved to the commie-tastic COVID responses, the globalists looking to enslave the world have learned a valuable lesson: frightened people are easy to control.

FACT-O-RAMA! Some scientists knew by May 2020, only two months after the draconian lockdowns, that the “Bat stew flu” killed only half of one percent of people who caught it, yet the lockdowns – especially in blue states – continued in various forms for more than another year.

Now that we are in an election year, an election that some of the media’s most brilliant minds believe will make or break our Republic, the globocrat termagants are ringing their klaxons and warning us, yet again, the sky is falling, and this time the culprit is none other than Chicken Little.

The doom and gloom hoons had a few false starts. Monkeypox, which the myrmidons at the World Health Organization (WHO) labeled an international public health emergency, fizzled after few died of it. Besides, almost all of the monkeypox patients were gay men, and the WHO can’t scare the planet’s population into obeisance with a low death tally that only affects a portion of the planet.

I’m noticing a growing number of stories in the Pravda press about bird flu lately. No, it hasn’t wiped out a growing number of people but then again, neither did COVID as mentioned previously, and yet people tossed their liberties into the trash rather than stand up, resist tyranny, and, heavens be, get called a “granny killer.”

But the same aforementioned scientist, Dr. Michael Gregor, who stated COVID would kill half of a percent of all who contracted it, also that wrote bird flu ” has the potential to wipe out half of humanity.”

Suddenly, the globalists are listening.

When We the People stayed home like good little serfs during the plandemic, I remember saying the response to COVID was nothing more than a dress rehearsal for communism. I think I may have been right.

There are major differences between bird flu and COVID. For starters, a rash of bird flu — real or not — will likely result in a massive “chickencide.”

Farmers may be told to slaughter their birds, you know, for the safety of the world, as we were warned to succumb to the heavy-handed responses to COVID lest we are nothing more than murderers. They may even be forced by law to murder their poultry.

The globalists know what every tyrant has learned throughout history: if you control the food you control the people. And we eat us a lotta chickens.

So, to the sleazy globalist scozzas who have made it demonstrably clear they want to control the food and, as Dr. John Coleman wrote, wipe out four billion “useless eaters,” the bird flu seems to be a nocturnal emission come true.

And yes, whether it’s dark or white, chicken is meat.

Check out this scare-fest from Australia, yes, the same Australia that locked up citizens who didn’t even have COVID, and choked young girls for not wearing the futile Fauci face diapers.

And pepper-blasted the elderly;

The scare-fest I just mentioned is, likely, purposely misleading. The “report” comes from Antarctica.

It opens with, (I added the bold):

 A multinational (YAY diversity!) crew of scientists led by Dr Dewar made the grim Antarctic finding on their most recent disease surveillance expedition in March.

Among the casualties were dozens of skuas — the big brown seagull-like birds had suffered a sudden death.

It’s devastating that we may have lost a population, just as we’ve discovered it,” Dr Dewar told 7.30.

With a theory in mind, they ran experiments to be sure.

Taking tissue samples from the skua carcasses aboard their yacht, they performed tests, similar to the sequencing of COVID-19.

Their findings, while not unexpected, did come with a heavy reality.

A mutated strain of the virus we know as “bird flu” had penetrated the world’s most remote continent.

Scientists went to a remote location and found “dozens” of dead birds.

FACT-O-RAMA! Cats kill between 1.3 billion – four billion birds per year. Should we “genocide” the felines?

But what the scavengers at the WHO — and the rest of the globalist pinkos — need is a bird flu corpse. An avian flu cadaver. These pesky birds need to redrum some Mofos.

FINALLY! A Texas man caught the dreaded bird flu and was immediately,….. stricken with eye irritation and nothing more. Damn it!

I do not doubt that the Klaus Schwab posse was hoping for a “Morte dall’uccello“. It seemed like they would never have their dream of a human falling dead from the seabird sniffles until they struck GOLD.

From a recent Washington Post headline –  Man in Mexico dies in first known human case of H5N2 bird flu variant

The globalists were likely jubilant, opening bottles of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, 2019.

Finally, they can lock us down, and  with a little luck, with a little push, they can help it out. They can make this whole damn thing work out, and have four billion people die! Praise be to Klaus and Henry Kissinger!

But then tragedy struck, as we learned tragedy didn’t really strike.

El Mexicana Muerto didn’t die of the bad bird. The only chicken this hombre got close to was likely in a to-go box next to mashed potatoes and a spork.

The NERVE of some people, to die with multiple comorbidities, with the warbler two-step not being one of them.

As they say in 50-year-old Bugs Bunny cartoons, back to the drawing board.

Sorry, Klaus, though I know you are a soulless vampire, I suggest your latest round of pandemic sniffle piffle is for naught. We the People are on to you and your comminazi ways.

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The world now sees the globalist aristocracy trying to uxoricide We the Hoi Polloi, and frankly my dear, we don’t give a damn. Bird flu, like monkeypox, didn’t help you achieve your goal of slaughtering billions of people. And, just to be a bird, I shall eat two steaks this weekend and buy another gun as my God-given liberties allow.

But seriously Klaus, all jokes aside, f*ck off. We aren’t going anywhere.

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