What Mike Tyson Said About The Death Of His Daughter Exodus

Mike Tyson, who has fathered seven children, spoke about the death of his daughter Exodus for the first time later that same year. During a television interview with ET, he revealed how he’d been coping in the face of devastating tragedy. “I am working with dealing with it,” said Tyson in September 2009 (via Reuters). “I have spoken to a lot of people.” Tyson revealed that he’d joined the heartbreaking club of parents who’d lost a child. “I have been told the pain never stops but you get over it. I am going through a process, trying to heal,” he continued. Meanwhile, the award-winning boxer also shared that he was still in denial but appreciated everyone who had offered him support.

During an October 2009 sit-down with Oprah Winfrey, Tyson admitted that his grief briefly colored his thinking. “I went about this, I started off to go about this in the wrong direction,” admitted Tyson. “I started to … go in this place and start blasting,” he continued. However, he eventually realized what was important. “Once I got there, I think from more my experiences in rehab and all this, it just kicked in. Boom. It was all about being responsible, um, what had to be done. She had to be buried She just had to be taken care of.” Tyson also revealed that he didn’t feel anger or animosity, and that he didn’t need to pinpoint who, if anyone, was responsible because it’d lead to problems on his end.

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