What Gavin Newsom Really Blames For His Split From Kimberly Guilfoyle

Two decades after it ended, Gavin Newsom blamed Kimberly Guilfoyle for the collapse of their marriage. On a February 9,2023, episode of CNN’s “The Axe Files” podcast, Newsom, a Democrat, claimed that Guilfoyle’s ambition changed her as a person, especially after she joined Fox News as a political pundit in 2006. “She was a different person,” the California governor said of Guilfoyle during their relationship’s earlier years. “She was working for a progressive district attorney … We were close to Kamala [Harris], she knew her well, and she was spending a lot of time in Democratic circles,” he noted. 

Things quickly changed, in Newsom’s recollection, after he became mayor of San Francisco in 2003. “Days after I was elected mayor, she moved to New York for a Court TV gig, and then eventually Fox,” he told CNN. “She had her ambition … She fell prey, I think, to the culture at Fox in a deep way,” he said. Newsom also jokingly acknowledged that Guilfoyle would counter “that she found the light.” 

Guilfoyle did indeed rebut Newsom one week later on “The Charlie Kirk Show.” Waving away Newsom’s comments as “absurd,” the former first lady of San Francisco said, “I didn’t change. He did. He used to be so proud to fight for small businesses, for entrepreneurs.” Guilfoyle claimed, in turn, that it was Newsom who had “fallen prey to the radical left,” becoming a person wholly unrecognizable to her.

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