What All Of Tom Brady's Exes Have Said About Him

Tom Brady’s most public relationship was with his ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen. The two started dating in 2006, before tying the knot a couple years later. For 13 years, Brady and Bündchen seemed to be happily married, but as we all know, looks can be deceiving. In 2022, to the shock of many, the couple called it quits.

Now, divorces can get a little messy, and Brady and Bündchen’s was no different, as rumors flew that the reason they split was because of the NFL star’s devotion to football. However, the businesswoman confirmed that wasn’t the case. Bündchen told Vanity Fair, “Listen, I have always cheered for him, and I would continue forever.” Her praise for her ex-husband didn’t end there. She shared, “If there’s one person I want to be the happiest in the world, it’s him, believe me. I want him to achieve and to conquer. I want all his dreams to come true. That’s what I want, really, from the bottom of my heart.”

Even though Bündchen wishes Brady well, it hasn’t always been easy. During an interview with ABC News, she shared through tears, “It’s definitely a time of, you know, a transition that had to take place, and it’s not something that you — I don’t think you wish for that, you know?” The two still face ups and downs but have tried their best to end their marriage cordially for their kids.

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