Welp...A Few Uncharitable Thoughts From Me About POTATUS Being Publicly Peeled

None of this post-debate mess is a surprise to anyone with half a brain, functioning eyeballs, or any media member with a marginally functioning sense of integrity…I KID, I KID about that last one.

Because there doesn’t seem to be any such creature. I have even seen people whose brains have been completely fried by the severest cases of TDS wince at the mutterings and wanderings of POTATUS, admitting through their discomfiture that the guy ain’t all there, and hasn’t been from the beginning.

But our media – woof.

Now, we get to go through the kabuki theater of collective surprise by the very people who brought us this disaster to begin with.


Like we saw Biden for what he was when he was running…well, being hidden…we see you all now, pretending that this is somehow a revelation from above and not something every last one of the Democratic party and the media has worked to conceal from the American people. A collusive effort to perpetuate a fraud of competence on the American people with a vastly mentally compromised vessel, the likes of which I do not believe this country has ever experienced.

Even the venerated sages of American “truth-telling” have been willing tools in the ongoing deception, not that their political leanings haven’t been obvious for years. But there’s always a tiny light of hope that someone has a conscience that will fire to life and do the right thing instead of simply resting on ancient laurels and being a tool.

Like Carl Bernstein.

How ’bout them “cheap fakes” now, guys?

They’re all skittering like the cockroaches they are when the lights come on.


You know what else is really sticking in my craw?

There is so much speculation about “Does he stay or does he go?”

If he goes – drops out of the campaign, says he’ll sit out – he can’t be incapable of running for reelection but capable of running the country. 

If Biden pulls out, he and his gang of sporty thieves are GONE NOW. He has to resign as president.

Who and what does that leave us?

Oh, dear God.

That the first woman president of the United States should be THAT BRAYING, NASAL TONED, VACUOUS CREATURE is so utterly and horribly appalling as to be unthinkable. Honest to God – how could she be any better than the vegetable we have now?

The whole affair makes me ill – so ill. And so damned angry I want to spit.

Last I heard, POTATUS is insisting he’s not going anywhere. There’s no doubt his closest advisor is frantically assuring him he’s got this in the bag.

It’s hilarious to watch the once impenetrable Borg colony that is the Democratic Party come apart in real-time as their carefully manicured scam finally blows up in their faces.

And horrifically tragic at the same time because we’re living in an exponentially more dangerous world and in much worse economic conditions thanks to their POTATUS perfidy.

…1) admit they were in on the cover-up, having constantly attested that Biden was fine after private meetings with him;  

2) admit they are very gullible, that they ignore inconvenient truths and believe regime propaganda as long as it comes through approved channels; 

3) focus all their anger and rage on Joe Biden and his staff for supposedly deceiving them about a condition that was already visible a year ago.  

Obviously they’re going to choose #3.

Clawing our way out of this wouldn’t be easy if current situations were to merely tread water. The truth is every moment is fraught with unbelievable peril.

They’re fighting over the vegetable and the she-clown of little brain they’ve saddled us with because it’s impossible to lie about them anymore. Even their own hive-minded Borg minions are fracturing away and, with every brain or formerly loyalist class that detaches, another round of panic is triggered. Another round of finger-pointing blame and speculative “Well, what if we dump...”

Every move they want to make – dumping Kamala, pushing POTATUS out unceremoniously, throwing the convention wide open, ad nauseum – would steamroller one or every constituency group and victimhood grifting ploy they’ve ever nurtured as gaslighting and projection against Republicans. 

The Democrats are furious they’ve got bupkiss but rocks and hard spots – so they twist, sputter, and spew.

You hate to see it.

And you know I’m kidding about that.

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