Weekend Parting Shot: Female Dem Pollster Says She Would Be ’Fine' Boxing a Transwoman

Weekend Parting Shot: Female Dem Pollster Says She Would Be ’Fine' Boxing a Transwoman

Yo, Adrian!


Elizabeth Spiers, a Democrat pollster and op-ed contributor for The New York Times, was trying to make a point on Twitter. She apparently wanted to make the case that there is no issue with biological men competing in women’s sports. The Daily Caller notes that Spiers jumped in on a thread about the subject and was responding to a comment by a user who goes by WomenAreReal. Here is part of the exchange:

Spiers: Protect female sports’ is a conservative message when it’s wielded against trans people and has nothing to do with feminism,

WomenAreReal: How is ‘protect female sports’ a conservative message?

Spiers: Because liberals don’t deny that trans women are women

At that point, another user offered 10K for the charity of Spiers’ choice if she stepped into the ring with a transwoman, to which Spiers replied:

Then Twitter did what it does best, which is to take the whole conversation out for a ride. The responses included:

So you accept? The competitor will also never have boxed and have the same training time as you.

I agree with you on nearly everything and agree with your principle on this and maybe boxing just needs to accept whatever, but in a combat sport like boxing, you wouldn’t want to do this and probably a trans woman wouldn’t want to do it either because of the potential harm.

Bare knuckles please. And you have to sign a release of claims with respect to the inevitably grotesque beatdown you will experience in all instances.

Are you really that foolish/ignorant? Males of equal weight hit 160 % harder onto a less dense bone structure of a female body. World boxing have said no way, it’s dangerous! And male boxers said no to fighting trans men because they feared killing one & being accused of man slaughter! Do your research. (sic)

Please explain to me how men, however they may identify, taking women’s places in sport is fair? (sic)

Set. It. Up.

And then there was this interesting comment from someone who transitioned:

Im a post op Ive had GRS and 30 years of HRT, that didnt change my heart/lung capacity nor my upper body strength. I refuse to compete with/against females as I have a huge physical advantage, male puberty. The audacity of you believing your a match for me. (sic)

WomenAreReal also responded with a post that included a chart showing all of the physical, functional, and performance differences between men and women. But don’t order the bout on pay-per-view just yet. Speirs is not ready to put her money where her tweet is. She explained what she “really” meant by the tweet, stating, “Allen, read my QT. I’m not boxing anybody lol. I don’t think boxing should exist, because I believe CTE exists and no one should do it.” Further down she can be seen commenting, “You are missing my point about boxing and CTE. I’m not doing anything where anyone potentially hits my head.”

CTE stands for “chronic traumatic encephalopathy,” a condition suspected to be brought on by repeated blows to the head.

Yes, one should avoid blows to the head. Everyone can agree on that. But the conversation wasn’t about CTE. It was about biological men participating in women’s sports. Once Speirs realized she had slipped and fallen in it, she retreated to her corner to throw in the towel without actually looking like she was doing so. Classic left-wing dodge. Argue your truth until it becomes obvious that it isn’t true at all. Then change the subject and run away. I think we all know who won the decision in this match

Wine Recommendation: Because it’s a holiday weekend and it looks like the fights aren’t on.

This week, I decided to give the Hahn GSM a shot.

(Image credit: Lincoln Brown)

This is a red blend composed of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre. I found it to be a little flat. It could just be the bottle, but there was nothing that really made it stand out. It might be just a matter of preference. I am a fan of Grenache and Syrah, but Mourvèdre is a rosé, and it didn’t quite mix that well. But that is just what I observed. Mourvèdre can stand on its own but is often used in blends like this one. Reviewers have called the taste of Hahn GSM “medium” and it is even, I’ll give it that. While people have said that they can taste the usual berry flavors and a dash of pepper, I had a hard time finding those tastes. But then again, I’m not a pro. For the reader last week who asked why I never said that the wines taste like grapes, the Hahn GSM definitely has the taste of the Mourvèdre grape. Your best bet is to pair it with a steak on the grill that has a very strong, spicy, peppery rub.

That’s it for me. Have a nice, long, weekend and I’ll see you on Tuesday. Oh, and try not to get into any fights.