War Gaming How to Get the Peasants to Eat the Bugs

Big discussion on X yesterday gave us a window into the WEF’s absolute consternation with we of the knuckle-dragging crowd’s obstinance when it comes to meekly following their dictates.

Just as POTATUS has a blindspot and is uber defensive…okay, about most everything, but this in particular…the benefits of #Bidenomics, which we obtuse dullards are too anti-intellectual to appreciate, likewise the Brahmins of the Davos set remain baffled and frustrated by the average Western-civilized human’s aversion to ingesting bugs. 

They are also perturbed by our enduring and tenacious love for all things warm-blooded who fart relentlessly and are tasty when grilled.

Admittedly, it’s one of the great conundrums of modern life afflicted with the climate cult, but it’s not a guilt that really penetrates one’s consciousness when inhaling a cheeseburger.

We love our simple pleasures.

Gads if they aren’t working overtime to decode our simple minds and take them from us.

‘Disgust factor’ must be overcome if planet-friendly insect food to become mainstream

Only 13% of the 603 people questioned said they would be willing to regularly eat insect snacks – many expected it to look unappealing and taste bad.

In the first place, how are these numbers a surprise? In the second, I want to know who the 13% is.

No doubt purple hair, nose rings, keffiyehs, and interviewed during a “Queers for Palestine” sit-in at Cambridge.

Keep your hands off my cheeseburger. I could care less how cows make their magic – only that they do.

And I frankly don’t give a rat’s patootie what those people in Asia eat. They’re hardly a bastion of discriminating consumers and oft times they’re eating weird Schlitz because there’s a famine or something. If it’s crawling, flying, climbing, barking, slithering, whatever – it’s game. 


…Insects can be high in protein and making them more acceptable could help cut the high greenhouse gas emissions that come from farming cattle.

…Hundreds of millions of people in Asia, Africa and Latin America are estimated to already eat insects to some degree.

Call it cultural differences, but I’m a no-bugs kinda gal.

Funny how they always want us to love bugs while not being mad about them themselves.

You can see their twisted thought processes working through the article. They realize they’re not at the point – yet – where they can simply execute all the cows – except for the Wagyu they’ll need and they will always require plenty. 

Tastefully dining their way through Davos and Versailles banquets while they force us onto grasshoppers and cockroaches. 

Oh, they wheedle and guilt trip – obesity, malnourishment, cow farts, think of the planet. Then the cult cleverly suggests a two-step method to accepting the Arachnids, Blattidae, Tenebrionidae, et al. they would prefer we nibbled in moderation as opposed to tenderloin, leg of lamb, and pork belly.

Especially as fat as we all are.

Best to begin relishing roaches in small, easily palatable forms. Hide them in your pudding.


“Some insect proteins, such as ground crickets or freeze-dried mealworms, are cheaper and easier to farm, often lower in fat and have a lower environmental impact than traditional livestock.”

However, most people are still very reluctant due to preconceptions over taste and appearance.

But the study also found they were significantly more likely to give insects a go if they are ground into a powder.

By George, that’s brilliant. Grind them up; they’ll never know the bugs are in there.

Then the Davos demons can spring it on us that we’ve been eating bugs all along, sprinkled into our yogurt, our cereal, our boxed macaroni and cheese.

Oh, fiendishly bug-a-lish-us.

The good news is we Luddites have a few clever souls on our side who are already working to protect us.

That bug zapper in the backyard? The Germans have come up for one in Aldi aisles.

In some places, the cultists don’t even want to tell you the bug detritus is in your food. There used to be laws about bug bits and googoo in your groceries.

Not anymore.

I wish people in power were watching out for folks here now.

They’ll just keep hammering away.

And none of it will change the fact that it’s disgusting – I don’t care who’s the next idiot on TV to ingest one and pretend they’re delighted right before they puke off camera. Or how many effusive, persuasive propaganda paeans are written extolling the wonder of biting bits of bug vs beef.

Y’all want it? You do it.

I will not eat your bugs.


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