Victoria Police officers have said they will reveal secret locations of speed cameras to drivers today as they begin industrial action.
It comes after the union and Victoria Police failed to reach an agreement following months of negotiations, with workers requesting a four per cent pay rise and improved working conditions.

The industrial action will include police warning drivers about speed cameras in an effort to prevent revenue from being generated for the government by drivers being caught and fined.

Police Association Secretary Sgt Wayne Gatt says police are fighting for better pay and conditions. (AAP)

“We’re asking for fair conditions that will keep our experienced police in the job, stop hundreds of our police from continuing to burn out at work and effectively end up on the scrap heap,” Police Association of Victoria secretary Wayne Gatt said.

“We’re working hundreds of hours of unpaid overtime as a normal part of work, we’re working constantly on our days off, rosters are inconsistent and unpredictable.

“It’s a stressful and traumatic occupation.”

Generics Victoria Police. 1 April 2022. The Age News. Photo: Eddie Jim. (Eddie Jim.)

It’s expected around 900 police will go on strike today across the state.

Police will stop presenting briefings and reports to government officials and campaign messages will be painted on police cars, boats, trucks and helicopters parked near government premises.

Gatt said officers were tired of being overworked and underpaid.

“This is not action that was unavoidable, it was avoidable,” he said.

“It is not action police officers want to take, but it is action we’re being driven to by a failure of the government to deal properly and respectfully with its police

“We’re asking for an agreement that supports us and keeps our police out in the streets doing the important work they do in the community.”

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