A wombat has been caught on video walking through water on the shores of a Tasmanian beach, in what experts have dubbed “unusual wombat behaviour”.

A couple of tourists in Tasmania sent the video to the Wombat Protection Society of Australia (WPSA), to find out if this was normal for wombats after their holiday in February.

This was the first time the tourists had seen a wombat and they were confused about why it was in the water.

Wombat spotted wading at Tasmanian beach
A wombat has been spotted wading at Tasmanian beach. (Wombat Protection Society of Australia)

“They reported it seemed to be eating some type of seaweed or aquatic plants and wading in the shallows apparently drinking seawater,” the Wombat Protection Society of Australia said in a Facebook post, calling the actions “unusual wombat behaviour”.

“One of WPSA directors living in Tasmania often sees evidence of wombat footprints along the beach where she lives and we know they are sometimes seen on beaches along the Victorian coast from Venus Bay to Orbost and beyond,” the post said.

“Maybe the wombat is finding some extra nutrients in the sea grasses/plants that may be lacking from its diet.”

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They thought the wombat was drinking the water as it could be mostly fresh water that was entering the sea.

The group is calling on more people to share if they have seen similar behaviour as there was “mystery” around wombats and their lifestyles.

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