Aspiring Maryland Trans Shooter Thwarted

We’ve covered the story of Bryan Kim here before, though he now goes by the name of Amber FayeFox Kim. He’s the guy who was found guilty in 2008 of murdering both of his parents, stabbing his father to death in Washington state, and then bludgeoning and strangling his mother. A lovely character to be sure. Then, after being sentenced, Kim miraculously realized that he was actually a woman, declaring himself transgender and demanding to be moved to a woman’s prison, that being the Washington Corrections Center for Women. Amazingly, the state agreed and the transfer was made. It wasn’t all that long before Kim was found having sex with an actual female inmate. (I guess he was a lesbian or something?) He was moved into isolation. Now the state appears to have seen the error of its ways and Bryan Kim has been moved back to a men’s prison. (National Review)

A transgender-identifying male felon with a violent criminal past has been moved out of a Washington State women’s prison and placed in a men’s facility after he was caught in a prohibited sexual encounter with a female inmate.

The Department of Corrections took Bryan Kim, who goes by Amber FayeFox Kim, out of the Washington Corrections Center for Women, colloquially called “Purdy,” and placed him in the Monroe Correctional Facility. Kim’s removal came after National Review reported on a March incident in which a Purdy corrections officer discovered him having sexual intercourse with 25-year-old Sincer-A Marie Nerton.

“The reason for Kim’s transfer was due to ongoing safety concerns,” the DOC told National Review.

As noted above, the state still isn’t admitting that it did anything wrong in the first place. The Department of Corrections is only saying that the transfer was made because of “ongoing safety concerns.” They didn’t specify whether it was the safety of Bryan Kim or the actual women in the WCCW prison. Kim claims that he was goaded into having sex with the female inmate at her urging, which may be possible, but it’s still a blatant violation of the prison’s code of conduct.

It’s being reported that after the transfer decision was made, Kim “protested angrily.” He was crying and screaming about being sent back to the men’s prison. They eventually had to put him in handcuffs and drag him to the transport vehicle to send him back. Not that I have any sympathy for him, but that’s at least somewhat understandable. You probably don’t want to get tossed into a men’s prison when you’re a dude who dresses like a woman. Bad things could happen.

Bryan Kim obviously brought all of this on himself. He was the one who made the decision to murder his parents in cold blood as they were returning from work. After being discovered, he could have manned up (both literally and figuratively) and gone to the men’s prison and taken his chances with the rest of the inmates. Instead, he decided to play the part of a woman and push to be moved to a female facility where he proceeded to violate the rules and have very “male-female” sexual relations with another inmate. Now he’s back where he belongs, but he arrived with a reputation as a “he/she” which could lead to very negative interactions with the other male inmates, to put it mildly.

None of this was necessary from the beginning. I don’t support the idea of putting men in women’s correctional facilities as inmates under any circumstances. But if states like Washington insist on doing this because they’ve become invested in all of the transgender madness sweeping the nation, the least they could do is segregate them from the rest of the inmate population. That still seems like special treatment that they don’t deserve, but they would at least be making the effort to keep the actual female prisoners safer. Bryan Kim should stand as a textbook example of how these transgender schemes are messing up the normal order of affairs everywhere, and granting them privileges not available to the general population never ends well. Straighten up and fly correctly, Washington.

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