The week in whoppers: WH press sec’y Karine Jean-Pierre fudges on Biden’s inflation lie, NY Times calls GOP the real antisemites and more

Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions

This excuse:

“The point that [Biden] was making is that the factors that caused inflation [were] in place when he . . . took office.”

— WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Wednesday

We say: Oh, sure, anyone can accidentally say (twice in a week!) that inflation was 9% when they took office when they really meant the factors that caused inflation were in place.

People make that mistake everyday. (Not.) Inflation didn’t actually hit 9% until June 2022 — more than 16 months after Biden took office.

And during that time, Biden spent trillions and ballooned deficits, ignoring  (correct) warnings from even liberal economists this could ignite runaway inflation, then insisted that rising inflation was only “transitory.”  

This story:

How Republicans Echo Antisemitic Tropes Despite Declaring Support for Israel

— The New York Times, May 9

We say: The Gray Lady blasts Republicans for “seizing” on the left’s antisemitic protests (which it calls “largely peaceful”) — claiming it’s debatable whether they even “constitute . . . direct attacks on Jews.”

Huh? The Times itself admits Jews have been targeted, taunted, told to “go back to Poland.”

Yet the paper wants readers to think it’s really Republicans who are the antisemites, since, after all, they criticize radical left-wing policies pushed by billionaire George Soros, a Jewish Holocaust survivor. How lame can you get? 

This claim:

“No president has stood stronger with Israel than Joe Biden.”

— National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Monday

We say: What bull! Biden and his staff have been ripping Israel to shreds for months, falsely accusing it of “indiscriminate bombing” in Gaza, calling its response to Hamas’ Oct.7 massacre “over the top” and suggesting that it has violated international law.

Biden even halted a weapons shipment to Israel as it fights for its survival, and demanded it not pursue terrorists in Rafah.

(Then again, Sullivan’s the guy who claimed “the Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades” — just days before Oct. 7.)

This charge:

“[President Donald Trump] started with more jobs than he ended with. The only other guy . . . [was] Herbert Hoover.”

— President Biden, Wednesday

We say: Biden conveniently ignores the COVID lockdowns, which cost 20 million US jobs in a single month.

Yet in the eight months before Biden took office, Trump had already recovered 13 million of those lost jobs; it took Biden more than a year to recover the remaining 7 million.

— Compiled by The Post Editorial Board

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