Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions

This claim

“[Overturning Roe] was an unconstitutional act.”

WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Aug. 3

We say: Jean-Pierre often says wild things, but is she totally unfamiliar with the US judicial system, Article III of the Constitution (giving “judicial power” to the court) and the concept of “judicial review”? Of course the Supreme Court had the constitutional right to overturn Roe. She also said Kansas voters this week reclaimed “rights stolen” by the court’s decision, when that decision in fact gave them the right to a meaningful vote on the issue.

This fact check

We say: PolitiFact (USA Today, too) can argue that AOC’s handcuff-free, “non-custodial” police escort to a shady area under a tree, with cameras rolling, was technically an “arrest.” But the more revealing question is why she pretended to be cuffed by placing her hands behind her back — not whether her police escort was technically considered an “arrest.” Neither outlet had a good answer for that.

Spot the difference

“The house . . . was owned by a top aide to Sirajuddin Haqqani.”

— The New York Times, Aug. 1 


“Members of the Haqqani network, a terrorist group . . . tried to conceal that Mr. Zawahri had been at the house.”

— The New York Times, Aug. 1

We say: The Times must’ve had second thoughts about reporting that 9/11 mastermind Ayman Al-Zawahiri’s safe house was owned by Taliban deputy Sirajuddin Haqqani’s aide. Its update on Zawahiri’s demise stealthily omits that fact, perhaps because it might’ve reminded readers that in 2020 the Gray Lady actually ran a column by Haqqani, a ruthless terrorist who once held a Times reporter hostage. But, hey — if the paper is now feeling embarrassed about promoting the terrorist, that’s progress.

This fact check

“Video does not show Biden being distracted by music from an ice cream truck.”
— Reuters, July 31

Reuters "fact checked" a clearly fake video of Biden being distracted by an ice cream truck.
Reuters “fact checked” a joke video of Biden being distracted by an ice cream truck.

We say: Glad to see Reuters setting the record straight on vital issues like whether President Biden was distracted by ice-cream-truck music. Never mind that the “altered” video was essentially a joke posted by people on social media. We know how hard it can be for “fact-checkers” to keep coming up with new ways to defend the prez.

This claim

“[The Inflation Reduction Act] does not raise taxes.” 

— Sen. Joe Manchin, 7/31

We say: Sorry, Senator — the Dem plan you agreed to will cost companies $313 billion more in taxes (much of which will be passed along to workers and customers) and investment-fund managers another $14 billion. While they may not be direct new taxes, the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation reported that more than half the tax hikes will fall on Americans making less than $400,000 per year, breaking a key Biden campaign vow. And Manchin is supposed to be one of the most honest Dems!

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