The Tragic Truth About Nikki Glaser

On “The Nikki Glaser Podcast,” Nikki Glaser revealed that she got bullied by another female comedian early in her career. She had regular run-ins with the unnamed mean girl at the Funny Bone comedy club in St. Louis, where the bully attempted to ruin Glaser’s rep by spreading false rumors about her sleeping with multiple male comics, including Doug Benson and Pauly Shore. The woman also accused Glaser of performing material that was written by someone else. “I was always scared of her,” Glaser said.

The other comic decided to take her campaign of targeted terrorizing to the stage one night. She performed a mini-roast of Glaser, who was not yet famous enough for most of the audience to know who she was. Glaser believes that the bully’s aim was to humiliate her in front of her friends and fellow comedians. According to Glaser, her tormentor said, “Nikki Glaser is the Sarah Palin of stand-up comedy.” For Glaser, this was an immensely offensive slight.

The bully shook Glaser’s confidence so much that her mere presence in the crowd made Glaser start to bomb one of her sets. The “Lovers and Liars” host tried to turn things around by blurting out that she had just learned that she had HPV. “My brain was like, ‘She’s watching you; she hates you; she’s going to talk s**t about you,'” Glaser recalled. “‘Bully yourself right now more than she could ever bully you.'”

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