The Stunning Transformation Of TikToker Frankie LaPenna

While fans may assume that Frankie LaPenna makes a lot of money because of his billions of views, that isn’t too far from the truth. LaPenna shared in an October 2022 video that his earnings from YouTube were a little more than $3,000 monthly. In a similar fashion, he disclosed that he had made $13,000 from a YouTube Shorts clip that garnered 500 million views. These figures are relatively low, considering top YouTubers make millions every year. He further revealed that his TikTok and Instagram accounts didn’t bring in any income, despite having an estimated average viewership of 18 million at the time.

LaPenna let it be known that his partnerships with brands were his main source of revenue, and the figures, he said, were in the thousands. “So how much money I make per brand deal varies video to video. It’s different every video project and I legally cannot disclose how much money I make for each specific brand deal,” he explained. “But I can tell you recently I’ve done video projects for $12,000, $16,000, $18,000, $25,000, $45,000 working with brands like the NFL, Xfinity, Chubbies Shorts, Gigabyte, the PFL.”

The TikTok content creator’s other money-making streams include his online merchandise shop, with shirts retailing at prices between $30 and $39. Just as he capitalized on his pear-shaped derriere by making it a board game, he put his signature mustache up for sale in July 2021, and it flew off the shelves.

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